Process automation: higher quality standards


The company processes are numerous and of different types; among them there are some that simply consist in the manual execution of a sequence of operations. These processes are present in all large companies and in particular in the context of telco operators, highly operational and technological, with a high number of equipment and with architectural complexity.

In fact, the activities characterized by sequential and repetitive operations, if performed manually, are often subject to error; on the other hand, it is precisely this kind of activity that can be converted into automated processes, significantly reducing breakdowns and inefficiencies. Consequently, those operators who decide to be accompanied in a path of automation of their internal processes significantly improve the quality of their services and enjoy concrete economic benefits.

When a large Italian service provider wanted to start a Process Automation project for its activities, it chose Italtel to make it happen. Thus implementing the automation of numerous procedures and, thanks to teamwork with our experts, the service provider understood the potential of adopting process automation in a structural way.


Process automation is typical of operational contexts that often also include interactions with multiple systems. The Italian service provider turned to Italtel to model some of the operations in the context of managing the network in operation and transform them into automated procedures.

In a first phase of assessment, repetitive and often error-prone activities were identified: They were then coded to be performed by an automaton. In other words, the activities in place were studied to recognize the operations that fall within the model and codify them appropriately in terms of requirements. Workflows were then developed as a succession of the various operational tasks.

As part of this important project, Italtel has developed a dedicated software framework that facilitates the implementation of a multitude of use cases; some of those created concern, for example:

automation of procedures for the management of faults and final testing before returning to operation (e.g. circuits in fault)
composition and representation of information about the user status of the mobile network (info drawn from HSS, MME, radio access, …)
single portal for the management of scheduled works
automation of operations to manage the lifecycle of security certificates close to expiration and installed on the various servers


The main immediate benefits of process automation are higher quality standards and greater control and predictability of execution times

Furthermore, there is the aspect that the staff has been relieved from mechanical and tedious operations with relative cost reduction.


Italtel and the customer have entered into a multi-year agreement for the implementation of the Process Automation project. Started in 2020, it is still in progress, confirming the progressive nature of the adoption of this approach and the growing confidence in these solutions over time.

The project took place in several phases. In the initial phase, Italtel supported the customer in analyzing the processes that are candidates for automation, developed the basic framework on which to implement the related workflows, starting from open source components, and implemented the related use cases.

In the subsequent phases the service provider has played a more active role both in terms of increasing the proposed use cases and involvement in their implementation. The service provider has therefore expanded the scope of adoption, identifying additional opportunities for automation.

Thanks to its automation, system integration and software development skills, the platform created by Italtel offers greater flexibility in the modeling and execution of use cases and in interfacing with third-party systems compared to self-consistent commercial solutions. workflow based on the coding and modeling of the processes mentioned above.

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