Coronavirus emergency

Since the beginning of the Coronavius emergency, we have taken measures to protect the health of our people. We are working on many fronts to support our customers in the key sectors of communication infrastructure and healthcare. We work alongside public and private companies to help equip themselves with systems for smart working and collaboration

The health of our staff is important and we have decided that everyone should work remotely from home.

In Europe all the staff of our offices in Spain, France, Germany and Poland (over 230 people overall) have been doing smart working for a few weeks. In Italy, 95% of our 1000 employees are working remotely. The remaining 5% is employed in external activities and at our customers’ premises, as our activity is functional to ensuring the continuity of the supply chains of the public utility services and essential services such as health, telecommunications and media.

In Latin America, where the emergency has arrived more recently, all staff are now working in smart working (around 230 people in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Chile).


In the healthcare sector, we have been actively working from the first days of the Covid-19 emergency for some of the hospital institutions in Milan to design and implement the network infrastructures, the communication services and the safety aspects in the intensive care units that were set up to accommodate sick people. We are also in the team of companies that have been working on the construction of the new camp hospital built at the Fiera Milano pavilions.

Considering telemedicine and telemonitoring applications that use IoT (link to the IOT page), we are collaborating with a major Swiss hospital in a pilot project to monitor de-hospitalized Covid-19 patients. Through remote monitoring, Patients are monitored remotely while staying at their homes by the sanitary team who care for them.

Telecommunications operators in many of the countries where we operate (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Brazil) are requesting our support to enhance the capacity of their infrastructures and ensure continuity and stability. Networks are put under exceptional pressure by the very high request for bandwidth for applications such as smart working, e-learning and particularly video streaming. Networks are the great protagonists of this emergency.

In Italy, even if traffic has grown, networks are holding because they have been properly reconfigured and we, in the role of suppliers of networking technologies, have the opportunity to verify their tightness very closely. To learn more about the composition and volume of traffic, the most used applications, the key role of networks, read the interview with our CEO Stefano Pileri.

The use of smart working applications and platforms has been accelerated due to the restrictions rules that countries have adopted over the time.

As a Cisco Gold Partner, Italtel is actively working to activate Cisco Webex users in most of the countries where we opeate. In Italy since the beginning of the emergency we have activated over 8400 users of Cisco Webex, the smart working solution to manage video conferences, document sharing, conferencing and collaboration in the cloud. This very high number of activations in a few days also implies a great effort by our technicians. The activated users belong to large and medium-sized companies, schools and PAs. In particular, in this area, we have activated licenses for many municipalities and cities in the South.

Also in support of smart working, we are working to ensure companies that adopt remote work solutions secure remote access to corporate networks and applications for all their staff and we are also providing engineering services for issues on the front of security.

“Innovate for Italy”: Italtel candidates a telemedicine solution

Italtel responded to the call of the Italian Government “Innova for Italy” with the proposal for a telemedicine solution designed to monitor people undergoing medical care, de-hospitalized or who are treated at their homes.

As part of the IoT offer portfolio, Italtel offers a component that allows to collect data from sensors for measuring vital parameters and to enable high-definition communication between doctor and patient.

The proposal allows the continuity of care of the hospital or medical center with the territory through the transmission of clinical parameters to the health professionals who manage the individual care plan. It allows teleconsultation and telemonitoring for the single patient or for the entire family, ensuring the privacy and security of personal data.

It is an app that can be uploaded on tablets with Android operating system which through connected sensors it detects the vital parameters of the person  and sends them to the healthcare professional or general practitioner the app uses WebRTC (Real Time Communication) and IoT technology and has already been tested in Italian, Swiss and South African hospitals. Thanks to Italtel it is possible to improve the assistance provided to patients even remotely, free beds for more serious patients and reduce healthcare costs.

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