A route through the Clouds

Wednesday, 19 September 2012 Centro Congressi Palazzo delle Stelline Corso Magenta, 61
Today’s market requires companies to be flexible and able to adapt to changes with a rapidity unknown until a few years ago.

The Cloud is an opportunity to be seized in order to remain competitive in such a volatile market:

  • efficiency and simplification have become an imperative necessity
  • an appropriate network infrastructure is the enabler, without which the cloud can not exist and is confirmed by the huge investments which Service Providers are making
  • the Cloud becomes a real possibility to redesign processes and to be closer to the needs of businesses, thanks to new mobile, social and analytical services
  • in order to be adopted the Cloud must ensure data security and adequate service levels.

But what is the correct path in the Cloud for a company or public administration? And what are the legal and fundamental aspects to be aware of? The answer may not be the same for everyone, each public or private company must find its own route taking into account its peculiarities and its strategic and operational objectives.
Italtel and Cisco invite you to define a customized route to the cloud together.
The purpose of the workshop is:

  • to guide Businesses and Public Administration to move in an extremely varied market which is characterized by the offer of several possible models to adopt
  • to support Service Providers in the development of their Cloud-based offers
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