Exprivia | Italtel with Cyber Defense Experts

April 12, a NATO-INTERFORZE exercise will be held at the Ciarpaglini Barracks in Rome, part of the Locked Shield project, focused on Cyber Defense. About 60-80 cyberdefense experts, members of various armed forces, will practice through a series of cyber attack simulations on military computer networks destined for NATO’s center of excellence for Cybernetic Defense in Tallin.

The simulation, which sees NATO take on the role of ‘Blue Team’, aims to evaluate the preparation of the Atlantic Alliance both in the response to an external cyber attack, and in terms of its ability to keep services active and defend intrusion victims networks. After winning the competition last year, the Nato Communications and Information Agency (Ncia) decided to form a team composed not only of internal experts, but also of representatives of different member states of the Alliance.

We will be present, together with Cisco, with a stand to promote our Cybersecurity solutions.

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