IEEE CloudNet 2022

We participate, as partner of AI@EDGE project, at the 11th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (IEEE CloudNet  2022), in Paris, on November 07 – 10, 2022!

Cloud networking has emerged as a promising direction for cost‐efficient, reliable service and data delivery across wide-area backbones and data-center fabrics. The prominent penetration of virtualization technologies into computing and communication infrastructure has led to continuous innovation, with new network protocols, software platforms, and artificial intelligence-based techniques for their orchestration.

Our colleague Paolo Comi, Research and Innovation Manager at Italtel, makes a presentation on “Quantum Technologies for securing communications at the edge” at the workshop organized by INSPIRE-5G and AI@EDGE projects on November 8, at 3.25 pm

Follows a brief abstract of his speech.

Securing communications at the network edge is at the foundation of the success of cloud networking for business-critical applications. A large amount of sensitive data is produced at the edge, locally stored and moved along complex chains of distributed virtual functions.  Symmetric key encryption must be introduced for overcoming the security gaps of the current asymmetric model and the problem of confidential and trusted modes for distributing symmetric encryption keys must be solved. Quantum technologies provide a solution applying the laws of physic for delivering confidential information. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) enhanced with appropriate Key Management (KM) layer will be presented for symmetric encryption delivery required by edge and cloud networking needs.

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