London – Telco Blockchain Forum

The Telco Blockchain Forum – which takes place in London on June, 11 – is the first conference that links telcos to the global Blockchain revolution.

Tackling the specific opportunities and challenges related to telcos, the show gives the telecoms industry a holistic view of what blockchain can be to the industry, and what the industry can be to blockchain.

Telco Blockchain Forum brings to attendants the latest content and use cases that can help them to structure a blockchain strategy.

Our group, that leads the adoption of new technologies into existing Telco applications, presents at the Forum the Exprivia | Italtel Blockchain-enabled solution for Number Portability: a live demonstration is available at our stand in the exhibition area.

Furthermore Federico Descalzo, Director of Northern Europe and Asia at Exprivia | Italtel, participates at 4.10 pm in the Round Table “Blockchain across Borders: Mapping the Geographical Opportunities for Services“.

For further details:

Read more about Italtel’s Centralized Routing and Policy Engine.

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