Smart Kitchen – IoT in the Meal Production

The food processing industry is dramatically changing, from supply chain to food preparation and delivery.

Following close the evolution of industrial manufacturing such as the Industry 4.0, we are now witnessing the “Kitchen 4.0” transformation: It is more evident than ever the impact that data gathering and data processing is having in managing the supply chain to reduce energy consumption and peak cost, waste, save time, boost quality and productivity and better satisfy the customer demand.

With a network of sensors connected to the Internet, enabled by the Internet of Things technology, we can now monitor the whole life cycle of the food production, from raw material, through preparation and delivery, whether it is a large industrial kitchen preparing thousands of meals per day or a family restaurant.

Internet connected sensors can monitor in real time the status of conservation such as temperatures from delivery to storage, food contaminant can be traced much easier by allowing the traceability of the food chain. Instant alerts can quickly block potential health threats and therefore minimize the huge risks involved for both consumers and producers.

IoT technology is also supporting the processes inside the Kitchen, with predictive maintenance technologies of ovens and other machines, production peak load optimization, automatization of repetitive tasks, precise ingredient measurements and process control.

The event “Smart Kitchen – IoT in the Meal Production” organized by Alessandro Iacoponi, EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) IoT Director, takes place on Friday 21 May from 9.00 to 10.30, completely online, and will deal with these issues.

Arianna Cillerai, Senior Sales Innovation Manager, intervenes for Italtel in the keynote speech session to talk about:

  • asset tracking and management, meaning in this case that foods would be associated with TAGs inside refrigerators and industrial kitchens
  • use of chatbots to activate man-machine interrogation with natural language for cooks, who could thus dialogue with the foods to obtain information on their origin and their current status.

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