Software Innovation Conference

Tuesday 26 May 2015, Politecnico – Città Studi Milano
The changing nature of the business of companies and the software industry

Digital technologies are transforming processes and customer relationships, products and services both in digital and traditional sectors.
The future of software in Italy will depend on its ability to innovate and create a new ecosystem of developers.

On Tuesday 26 May at the Politecnico di Milano the first Software Innovation Conference will be held. The event will analyze the radical changes that are touching the evolution of software, processes, methodologies, platforms and development environments.

Francesco Sferlazza, head of Agile Innovation Lab at Italtel will participate in the plenary session on “innovative platforms for application development”
Participation in the conference is free upon registration at the following link



Politecnico di Milano
Città Studi, Piazza L. da Vinci, 32


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