Unified Communication Conference

Wednesday, 23 June 2010 Hotel Le Meridien Gallia, Milan

VoIP is one of the most disruptive technology for business and personal communication: in the first stage VoIP and its evolution, Unified Communication solutions, attracted companies mainly for the possibility of reducing costs. But the real potential of Unified Communication (UC) is much wider: in fact, the customer over the IP network can implement many other services, improving not only efficiency but also collaboration opportunities & tools within the company, thus enhancing the productivity of company workforce at office and on the move.

Italtel participates at the Unified Communication Conference, organized by IDC at Le Meridien Gallia in Milan.
A one day event that will track the European UCC market involving players and pioneer companies to discuss tools and information:

  • to decide where and how to invest
  • to identify the best solution
  • to share experiences
  • in a context of full cooperation and open dialogue between different players of the digital ecosystem.

Italtel will have an information desk and several speech throughout the day.

Italtel speakers will illustrate how Unified Communication is going to “reingeneering” the corporation: integrating technologies into business process, UC will enable companies to accelerate decisions-making, improve customer services and become more dynamic.

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