VoLTE Conference 2012

Wednesday, 10 October 2012 Friday, 12 October 2012 Allée des Vergers 95700 Paris- Roissy
The second edition of VoLTE Conference will be held at Paris-Roissy

More than 300 operators in the world are investing in the activation of LTE networks and almost one hundred have launched the LTE commercial service. This widespread technology, which provides tens of Mb/s of data connection, unites the topic and the chance of the development of the network infrastructure which currently provides voice services (PSTN/PLMN) and is opening up to high-definition Video service with service quality guarantee.
From 10th to 12th October 2012 the second edition of VoLTE Conference will be held at Paris-Roissy.
The positive outcome of the first edition bodes well for the success of this technology in coming LTE services. On the basis of their experience, in fact, carriers should overcome their attempts at continuing to use the GSM network for voice service and accelerate the transformation towards a packet-switched network through the use of VoLTE.
Federico Descalzo, head of Smart Networks & Products at Italtel will participate on two dates:
Thursday 11/10 at 10am “Vodafone D2: “IMS” VoIP over LTE for Rural customers” in which he will talk about Italtel’s active role in supporting Vodafone Germany in its 2011 launch of Voice service over LTE in rural areas.
Friday 12/10 at 3.00 Pm in Describing the HDVC Solution Mr. Descalzo will describe the HDVC open solution based on the 3GPP IMS architecture driven by a group of Telco Industry leaders (Operators and Vendors). The task of the group has been the definition of a UNI and NNI profile allowing P2P and PMP Video Conference in High Resolution.

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