FAST-SHIFT: an innovative solution to migrate applications to Cloud Azure

Do you want to know an innovative solution that allows you to migrate applications to the Azure Cloud, without any network constraint, thus reducing the costs and time of migration?

We are very proud to introduce you to the Fast-Shift solution.

Hybrid cloud automationThe Cloud and its advantages have now become a consolidated reality, but there is no single recipe that can be suitable for everyone. and storage.

One of the most complex challenges that teams face, particularly relates to network configuration changes that introduce complexity and significant delays to the project.

What if you could migrate your workloads to Azure, keeping the original IP address, without any network constraints?

The Fast-Shift solution, proposed by Italtel with Microsoft and Cisco, enables a selective migration of workloads while preserving their reachability without any modification to the IP addressing plan.

Italtel, thanks to its ability to integrate networking systems and knowledge in the Cloud environment, has developed a solution capable of enabling migration to Cloud Azure and responding to particular customer needs.

The Fast-Shift solution extends one or more local subnets from the Data Center to Azure, allowing virtual machines to keep their original local private IP addresses even in the Cloud.

This solution enables a gradual migration of applications: it will therefore be possible to maintain the interaction between applications in the Cloud and On-Prem (Data Center) that belong to the same subnet, without the need for a massive migration to the Cloud.

The Fast Shift solution, if adopted to migrate Windows and SQL servers in EOS (End Of Support) to AZURE, will bring, as a further advantage, the activation of additional support in addition to the possibility of performing free security updates.

Fast Shift is now available in the Azure Marketplace!

As companies grow in maturity in their Cloud strategy, they are increasingly looking to combine and match the best available technologies that will enable a competitive advantage. As a result, more and more companies are moving to a hybrid Cloud model, a mix of onpremise infrastructure and public Cloud services.

The most important feature of the Hybrid Cloud model is that it allows companies to move workloads between private data centres and public clouds whenever there is a change in requirements or costs. This means that companies have more options to choose from in application and data management and with greater flexibility.

Download the white paper From Lift and Shift to Fast-Shift and find out how to solve the critical issues of migration in a Hybrid Cloud context:

PR_FAST-SHIFTItaltel’s Fast-Shift solution is available on Azure Marketplace to make it faster to selectively migrate applications into the Azure cloud while preserving reachability.

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