Italtel VNF Manager and Cisco NSO integration

Technical Marketing Manager for NFV Solutions

Italtel and Cisco are working together to integrate Italtel VNF Manager and Cisco NSO

The testing of the integration between Italtel VNFM and Cisco NSO is ongoing and has been successful so far.

The first phase of interoperability testing between the Italtel VNF Manager and Cisco NSO has just recently concluded successfully.

Following the latest edition of the ETSI NFV Plugtests (Sophia Antipolis, May 29 – June 8, 2018), where Italtel successfully tested the interoperability of i-RPS in an ETSI NFV environment, a joint Italtel-Cisco activity was launched to verify the degree of integration between the respective Management and Orchestration components in an ETSI NFV environment.

The tests were about the standard interface (ETSI GS NFV-SOL003) used for communication between Orchestrator and VFN Manager in an ETSI NFV architecture during the main lifecycle operations of a VNF, meaning instantiation and termination, as well as the synchronization between the 2 MANO functions of the ETSI NFV paradigm.

The collaborative atmosphere between Italtel and Cisco has allowed for a purposeful and continuous exchange of opinions between the 2 workgroups; this, in turn, led them to agree to continue the testing activity for the subsequent steps based on the implementation of the new releases of the standard interface indicated in the ETSI GS NFV-SOL003 specification.

It should be mentioned that Italtel was allowed, by remotely operating a series of integration tests and exploiting the mimics already validated during the previous sessions of the ETSI NFV Plugtests, to use the infrastructure made available by ETSI for this interoperability session which, in fact, allows them to prepare in advance for the 4th edition of the ETSI NFV Plugtests, which will be held in Sophia Antipolis from June 3 to June 7, 2019.

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