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Senior Technical Marketing Engineer – Collaboration

December 6, 2016 – Adopting Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions, companies lay the technological foundations to take advantage of all the benefits of greater flexibility and efficiency in the work implementation of their employees.

On the other hand, employees can combine work and private life, thanks to the possibility to provide their own contribution from anywhere, anytime, with any device.

Not less important is the fact that increasing the opportunities for development and training of employees – providing a constantly updated workforce – becomes simple and incredibly effective, thanks to the adoption of tools such as webinars.

That said, it is clear that UC&C solutions gives to companies a number of important benefits, summarized in the considerably increased productivity of employees.

The level of maturity reached by these tools allows companies to extend the benefits of their adoption beyond the “business” boundary, improving the relationships between corporate entities and the external ecosystem (suppliers, customers and partners), resulting in more effective business capabilities.

Another potential benefit enabled by the adoption of UC&C solutions is to reduce real estate costs. Indeed, the fact that employees can work from home – or at the customers – allows companies to redefine corporate workspaces, that means saving heating and cooling, cleaning, decorating and generally managing costs.


Moreover, the mass adoption of video communication and video conferencing, characterized by ease of use, high definition and ability to share documents, allows companies to achieve also a significant reduction of travel costs, making business travels just exceptionally, only when physical presence is essential.

Another important aspect is that the full IP technology supporting collaboration solutions enables a wide range of possible delivery models: from “on-premises” solutions (that enable the standardization of the level of service for all employees wherever they are) to “hosted/cloud” solutions (that allow quick and easy add of new features and performance by delegating their management to a third subject, the Service Provider). In the former model – the “hosted/cloud” model – outsourcing the UC&C service, companies can:

1minimize the risks involved in the introduction of a new technology


2avoid the purchase of all the elements necessary for the service, moving in this way towards the “as a Service” model and shifting from CAPEX (purchase of switchboards, use of personnel for management) to OPEX (payment of a per-user service).

Finally, all these delivery models offer the opportunity to replace the traditional PRI/BRI connections to the public telephone network (PSTN), geographically distributed in each corporate office, with a SIP trunk connection centralized for the entire company at national level, generating a significant reduction in telecommunications costs

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Giorgio Costantini
Just graduated in electrical engineering, in 1980 I joined the laboratory of Research and Development at Honeywell Information System in Pregnana Milanese Italy, where for seven years I worked on the design of the digital control of two sets of impact printers. An experience cutting-edge whereas in those years, from 1980 to 1987, it was one of the first experiences in Europe of solutions using multiprocessor system with a real-time operating systems. After Honeywell group I went in Magneti Marelli, where I continued to care for almost two years, the design of microprocessor-based systems this time for the computer control of a IVECO’s bus urban vehicle. In June 1988 landing in Italtel Telematics in tlc sector. For about 12 years, in Italtel and Siemens, I continued taking care of HW design of data transmission equipment before, then card for PBX and PC and finally of a control board part radio network UMTS. After almost 20 years of activity related to HW design, beginning in November 2000 to take care of, always in tlc, devices and solutions. Product management, program management, solution architect and recently marketing management are the roles that I covered in the area of Voice over IP, UC&C, Enterprise Social Software in Cloud and on Premise.
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