In the context of environmental sustainability, the main ongoing challenge is represented by climate change induced by global warming, caused by greenhouse gas emissions due to human activities. CO2 emissions are Italtel’s main environmental impact.

We want to responsibly pursue our business objectives, therefore we intend to make every effort to contain CO2 emissions caused directly and indirectly by our economic activities.

Since the Italian offices contribute significantly to CO2 emissions, over the years we have carried out various energy improvement and efficiency interventions by redoing and relocating the spaces intended for offices and test plants, concentrating them in smaller spaces to optimize energy consumption and avoid waste. In the five-year period 2017-2021 we reduced our direct and indirect CO2 emissions by over 37% and we will achieve a further significant reduction by 2022.

We disclose our ESG objectives and results through the Group Sustainability Report prepared according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards, which we publish every year since 2019.

Transparency is essential for a sustainable future, so since 2021 we have been disclosing our emissions data through the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), a global non-profit organization that manages the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform and is one of the most rich global sources of information on how companies and governments are driving environmental change.

Our commitment at an environmental, social and governance level is also confirmed by the sustainability rating issued to us every year by EcoVadis, an international organization that has developed a collaborative platform to evaluate the sustainability of suppliers operating in global supply chains. We have held the “Silver Medal” since 2015 which was renewed in August 2022 with an overall score of 61/100.

In June 2016 we also obtained an important positive evaluation through the ACESIA platform managed by the Afnor Group, one of the most important accredited Certification Bodies in the world.

DOWNLOAD the CSR Synthesis Report ACESIA

This year we measured our Carbon Footprint, i.e. we carried out an inventory of the 2021 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the activities of our Italian offices in Milan, Rome and Palermo, and we submitted ourselves for certification by IMQ in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14064-1 standard. The total direct and indirect emissions of GHG into the atmosphere deriving from Italtel’s activities in 2021 amounted to 5,703.3 tons CO2eq.

We believe that this certification is very important because it brings credibility and assurance to our greenhouse gas reporting and monitoring processes both with reference to the Consolidated Sustainability Report that we publish every year and to the declarations on the subject that are increasingly requested by our customers.

DOWNLOAD the Certificate IMQ ISO 14064-1 for the Carbon footprint (in Italian)

We are a company made up of people, their diversity of cultures, skills, experiences, gender is our wealth and therefore we pay attention to their professional development and well-being. We were among the first Italian companies to introduce smart working and today, after the pandemic emergency, our people can easily operate remotely for 50% of their working time, positively reconciling private life and professional commitment and at the same time improving environment: in fact, our estimates tell us that in 2021, thanks to the decrease in home-work travel, CO2 emissions of approximately 1,857,202 kg were avoided.

We operate everywhere in the world in compliance with our Corporate Governance principles, in particular by preventing and combating corruption and any form of illegality by any means; our actions are guided in all circumstances by loyalty and honesty as we want to maintain and increase the esteem and respect of our stakeholders and be a successful, competitive, healthy and sustainable company.

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