The Pandemic from Covid-19 brought attention to the centrality of Healthcare and the importance of investing in the renewal and digitalization of this sector. Each country adopts its own policy and those that have invested the most in the development of healthcare, from a technological, infrastructural and personnel point of view, have had the opportunity to better manage the emergency.
Digital innovation is once again confirmed as the fundamental strategic lever to respond to the great challenges facing a healthcare system today in line with citizens’ needs and expectations in moments of normalcy and in exceptional situations.
Digital services, in particular those made possible by 5G, improve the level of satisfaction and the relationship with the patient, facilitate communication and access to information and health resources, increase efficiency and quality of services.
The adoption of platforms and solutions capable of supporting a new model of health service based on care management, de-hospitalization, remote monitoring, cooperation between all those involved in the health and wellness supply chain can ensure a wide range of digital services. Italtel is devoting itself with enthusiasm to technologies in the Healthcare sector by offering its skills as a System Integrator with the aim of building sustainable, efficient and secure infrastructures for the transport of data from the world of things. Moreover, thanks to the ability to implement its own solutions, Italtel has developed DoctorLINK.
Italtel’s approach is oriented towards the investigation of spaces for the implementation of innovative solutions – including the niche ones – (Best Practice Based) that can, ultimately, be replicated on every structure of the healthcare ecosystem with a significant role for Italtel on the value chain.

With Italtel healthcare system garantees:

  • unified communication and collaboration for hospital staff
  • design of network infrastructures, communication services and safety aspects for hospital environments
  • teleconsultation, telemonitoring ensuring the privacy of personal data and cyber security
  • e-health as Remote Medical Second Opinion
  • hospital-territory care continuity through remote transmission of clinical parameters to specialists who manage the individual care plan


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