The healthcare scenario is changing, influenced by factors such as a society that is undeniably attentive towards wellness and personal care, given the progressive aging and spread of chronic diseases.
We are running the risk of a deterioration of the scenario, which is likely to make the services of our public healthcare system qualitatively unacceptable and unsustainable, the only system where the quality of services and the satisfaction of the patient are strongly interconnected.
Digital innovation can be a key strategic lever to face the great challenges that are aiming to a healthcare system that meets the needs and expectations of the citizens and, specifically, digital services can improve the level of satisfaction and the relationship with the patient, ease communication and access to information and healthcare resources, increase efficiency and quality of services.
Only the adoption of platforms and solutions supporting a new healthcare model based on care management, de-hospitalization and cooperation between everyone involved in the healthcare and welfare fields can provide a wide range of digital services.

Italtel’s approach is oriented towards the investigation of spaces for the implementation of innovative solutions – including the niche ones – (Best Practice Based) that can, ultimately, be replicated on every structure of the healthcare ecosystem with a significant role for Italtel on the value chain.

With Italtel healthcare system garantees:

  • continuous hospital-territorial assistance
  • e-health as Remote Medical Second Opinion
  • tele-health as a remote transmission of clinical parameters to specialists who supervise the individual care plan
  • tele-consultation, tele-reporting, tele-diagnosis, tele-monitoring, and integration of medical records ensuring the privacy of personal data and cyber security
  • unified communication and collaboration for hospital staff


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