Nowadays, people demand increasingly differentiated, customizable and accessible products, everytime, everywhere, and on different devices. Because of this, companies operating in the media sector have been geared to develop their offer on different platforms, with flexible business models. The contents (news, TV, movies, sports events, etc.) are accessible through smart TVs, decoders, personal computers, smartphones, tablets and game consoles.


Recently broadcasters started promoting products that enable “multi screen” fruition, offering users the ability to access the content they choose (on-demand), without time or place constraints, moving across their devices and improving their experience thanks to social media integration.

Developing this kind of offer requires tools and an innovative infrastructure that can ensure the quality of the user experience. An essential prerequisite is to provide a data network connection that can offer a watching experience that matches or even exceeds the quality of traditional broadcasting media.

For the Media Italtel can

  • ensure that new applications (high-quality videos, cloud services, interactive applications, etc.) meet high performance standards
  • design and implement network infrastructures that can keep pace with the rapid changes associated with digital innovation
  • ensure the implementation of end-to-end solutions, integrating network design with content management and optimization architectures
  • provide delivery and post-delivery services for the management and maintenance of the technological infrastructure


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