The gradual liberalization of the telecommunications market paved the way for the emergence of new Service Providers: MVNOs, telecommunication operators providing mobile services (telephony and data) without radio spectrum licenses and without being the owners of all the network infrastructure.

MVNOs can be fixed network operators wishing to enhance their offer with mobile and convergent services, or companies operating in B2C contexts that want to improve their customer loyalty through a horizontal expansion of their product portfolio, or even individuals who wish to offer M2M or IoT services to the market.

ITALTEL can boast excellent skills and solid references for this market. Italtel supports individuals who are already MVNOs, or those who want to go through this transformation process, as a serious and reliable partner that can assist the client throughout this process (until he becomes a Full-MVNO) and ensure an end-to-end governance for the project.
Within the global scene, the growth rate of the MVNO market is highly positive (average CAGR of 10% in 2015-19 – Source: OVUM).

Italtel offers MVNOs:

  • a range of flexible and scalable solutions, capable of addressing customer and market needs;
  • a portfolio of "tailor made" System Integration services allowing fast and effective implementation, while also ensuring the interconnection with the several MNO network infrastructures;
  • a wide range of added-value services targeted at potential MVNO customers and pre-integrated within the solution


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