Consumers habits and behaviors are changing in the context of the digital revolution underway. Similarly, the modalities of purchase are changing, thanks to the ability to quickly access an increasingly wide offer, through a variety of devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets. This greatly strengthens the relative power of the consumer.
On the other hand, Point of Sales Managers can use technological innovation to enable new ways of business with an omni-channel approach. Therefore the Retailer focuses on the combined and integrated use of different channels (retail stores, websites, mobile applications, etc.), to support the interaction between company and consumer in the pre-sale, purchasing and post-sale stages.
To set the customer more in the center of a business strategy, technologies that can deliver a truly integrated and seamless experience on all channels will be required.

Italtel boasts a recognized experience in the field of professional services, such as consulting, assessment, design, implementation and maintenance of complex systems, ranging from network technologies (with particular reference to Wi-Fi networks), up to applications to address specific Retail market needs (Digital Signage, Proactive Marketing, etc.).
Italtel can achieve a significant reduction of operating costs by offering managed services to monitor, supervise and manage ICT resources, including security, thanks to its Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC).

Italtel offers the retailers solutions to

  • create a rewarding shopping experience (WOW experience) in retail stores, via Digital Signage tools, touch-screen monitor, multi-media totems, etc.
  • collect and analyze customers profiles and behaviors in order to achieve a more fruitful loyalty with tools of Digital Advertising and Proactive Marketing
  • distribute advertising content related to the context and the characteristics of the consumer
  • improve customer satisfaction thanks to asset tracking systems, inventory management and optimization of the logistics process


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