Transforming the future of banking and insurance

Explore the world of innovation and digital transformation in banking and insurance offered by Italtel.
For years we have been at the forefront of offering cutting-edge ICT expertise, collaborating with leading industry players to bring added value through proprietary skills and tailor-made services.
Our vision

Our philosophy is based on close cooperation with our customers, with a focus on direct contact to ensure optimal support. We are committed to providing our extensive experience, gained in complex and dynamic projects at an international level, to meet the challenges and priorities of the industry.

The challenges of the future

Banks and insurance companies face a number of crucial challenges, from process optimisation to cyber risk management. In this context, the ability to balance innovation with security is crucial for success in the ever-changing market.

Together for digital security
By choosing Italtel as your technology partner, you are investing in the future of your bank and insurance company, embracing innovation and digital transformation in a safe and sustainable way!


We offer a wide range of expertise aimed at meeting the primary needs of banks and insurance companies:


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How we do help you

  • Data and Process Management
    Data analysis and infrastructure monitoring to support the business. Long-term investment planning.
  • Cyber Security
    With advanced assessment services and state-of-the-art security solutions, we protect banks and insurance companies from cyber threats.
  • Networking evolution
    Enhancement of networking infrastructure to support strategic objectives.
  • IT Operations
    Proactive internal network monitoring and incident management. Security patch management.
  • Digital Relationship
    Omnichannel solutions to improve user interaction, solutions for secure digital interaction.
  • ICT Transformation & Cloud Migration
    Evolution of internal service platforms and migration to the cloud/multi-cloud. Mainframe modernisation.
  • Modern Work
    Solutions to improve the working environment and enhance mobile access logics.
  • Sustainability
    Initiatives and services to support ESG objectives.

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