Ip multimedia interconnection

Ip multimedia interconnection, NetMatch-S of Italtel is the first Session Border Controller qualified for Microsoft Lync 2013 in Europe

Milan, May 14, 2013 – NetMatch-S, the Session Border Controller (SBC) of Italtel for voice, data, video HD IP interconnection, has been officially certified by Microsoft Corp for interoperability with Lync 2013, the latest version of the Microsoft Unified Communications Platform. NetMatch-S is the only SBC that currently interoperates with the Microsoft Communications Platform and can be installed in virtualized environment.

NetMatch-S, the Session Border Controller of Italtel, has successfully achieved the qualification for interoperability as SBC with Microsoft Lync 2013, the new version of the Unified Communications Platform developed by the Redmond company. Italtel joined the Microsoft Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program (UCOIP) and is the first vendor of Session Border Controllers, at European level, to have been certified under the Microsoft program.

Lync 2013 is Microsoft’s Unified Communications & Collaborations platform for IP networks of Small Medium Enterprises, Corporate Companies, Service Providers. In this context, NetMatch-S of Italtel is the key element for the integration of Lync 2013 with multivendor IP networks, both for Service Providers that offer VoIP services and UC&C performances to their corporate customers and for enterprises that adopt Lync 2013 in their IP networks.

Thanks to its adaptability and signaling and media interworking, Netmach-S allows Service Providers and TLC operators to simplify the interoperability with their customers’ IP networks. Italtel’s Session Border Controller also enables voice and high definition video communications and guarantees high reliable IP interconnections through safe communication protocols. Within enterprises’ networks, NetMach-S makes easy and fast the integration of MS Lync 2013 into the existing IP infrastructure. In fact it allows full interoperability with other vendors’ Unified Communications & Collaborations systems and the centralized management of corporate dial plan.

“In the ever-changing world of Information Technology,” said FedericoDescalzo, Vice President of Smart Networks & Products at Italtel, “innovative communication technologies and methodologies grow very fast. To allow the full exploitment and integration of such technologies in multimedia networks, network intelligence is key. And network intelligence is at the heart of our products, both at the edge of networks and in the central infrastructure. NetMatch-S, today certified for Microsoft Lync 2013, is a concrete example of this: a network element that acts as a controller at the network edge to allow dialogue among worlds that are heterogeneous as for technologies, services and communication tools.”

With the qualification of Italtel NetMatch-S as Session Border Controller integrated with Lync 2013, we intend to recognize the quality of this product for multimedia interconnection,” noted Vieri Chiti, Office Division Director at Microsoft Italy. “Aiming to offer innovative and reliable communication solutions in every context, Microsoft is committed to promote interoperability, so that our Unified Communications and Collaborations Platform can reach excellent performances in any IT environment and provide added value to enterprises of any size and sector.”

“Microsoft UCOIP program and this first qualification at European level,” concluded Chiti of Microsoft Italy, “demonstrate our vision and the importance for all ICT players to act in a frame of interoperability for the benefit of all businesses. In addition, the partnership with a company like Italtel consolidates the reputation of MS Lync in the scenarios of ‘PBX replacement’, as a valid alternative to traditional VoIP telephony solutions.”

NetMatch-S is part of the Italtel NetMatch product line, the advanced network border layer, allowing rapid migration from legacy TDM to All-IP next-generation networks and IMS architecture, ensuring measurable differentiable Quality of Service (QoS) and secure network interconnection between traditional TDM, IP and 3G/4G networks. NetMatch-S is highly scalable and deployable both in Service Provider and Enterprise networks, thanks to various different product ‘editions’.

  • Lite Edition (LE), pure software edition based on virtual platform and running on Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS) hardware. NetMatch-S LE scales perfectly from few sessions up to 4K sessions, preserving its distinctive features, and is ready for data centers and cloud environments
  • Compact Edition (CE), hardware edition based on standard ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture) carrier-grade platform, with 2-slot shelf, scaling from 4K to 12K media sessions
  • Performance Edition (PE), hardware edition based on standard ATCA carrier-grade platform, with 14-slot shelf, scaling from 8K to 48K media sessions.
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