Italtel Data Science: the Big Data promise finally delivered

Do you agree that no matter you are an Enterprise, a Service Provider or a Mobile Network Operator, your fundamental tasks are to always drive a better Customer Experienceidentify new Prospects and know how your Customers perceive your Products and Services?

Do you also think that Big Data is the business revolution of the 21st Century, as much as IT was the one of the 20th Century?

Data ScienceIf your answer is YES to both questions, you are aware that a Big Data infrastructure is a strategic must-have for your business but not enough to put you ahead of the competition. You need to extract value from Big Data in order to drive your competitive advantage. And do not expect that powerful platforms and pre-built solutions do it for you.

Italtel Data Science is a managed solution designed and engineered to complement your Big Data infrastructure in three steps:

  1. Our Data scientists will sit with you to identify your business needs, your technology and your data sources;
  2. Once the scene is set we design the Informational Architecture (IA) just right for your needs to be implemented in your Big Data infrastructure – our solution is platform agnostic, so it is our task to adapt it to your technology;
  3. Monitor and enhance our IA to always deliver the best results.

Discover more about Italtel Data Science, downloading the brochure and watching the video interview with our expert

Click HERE for further information about Italtel Network, Service and Business Management solution.

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