Italtel “Full MVNO in a Box”: a virtualized, scalable and cost-effective solution

The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business is expanding rapidly, with ongoing innovation creating plenty of opportunities for:

  • operators that are already providing telecom services (e.g. Fixed Operators)
  • several actors in new market sectors such as Financial, Media/Entertainment, Logistics, Automotive, Retail, Utilities, Machine-to-Machine and Niche MVNOs, that would like to launch innovative services, where the telecom component is just a part of the overall strategy

The Full MVNO model is appealing for the subjects mentioned above as it enables them to achieve their business outcomes while leveraging their own brand-awareness and customer loyalty.

Only having full control of the service layer, MVNOs can ensure maximum flexibility and agility: in this layer segmentation, customization and easy activation of the proposed services takes place.

Italtel provides MVNOs with a ready-to-use, virtualized, scalable and cost-effective solution which guarantees incremental investment and an independent control of the services leading to a competitive differentiation. Thanks to this “all in a box” proposition, MVNOs can quickly and easily introduce new and innovative services in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months, and at the same time ensure a simple integration with Mobile Network Operators networks.

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