Italian fire brigade: more efficient risk prevention activities


The company has been awarded the tender for a modern IT solution for the prevention and management of risks related to the spread of chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosive substances

4 February 2018. Exprivia – a company listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange [XPR.MI] – was awarded, as a mandate together with the company CAE of Bologna, the public tender published by the Ministry of the Interior for the implementation of the project to strengthen the national system for prevention and management of crises and safety risks related to CBRN-E agents (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear and Explosive) on behalf of the Fire Brigade, Public Rescue and Civil Defence Departments.

The contract is for approximately 5.8 million euros (82% attributable to Exprivia and the remaining 18% to CAE) for 24 months.

The project will cover the entire Italian territory and includes a series of technologically integrated activities aimed at ensuring the modernisation and extension of the current systems for monitoring the transport risk of radioactive pollutants and the absorption of gamma rays.

The activities include the supply and installation of a modern network of detecting sensors and spectrometers to monitor “risk” areas, the technological adaptation of the existing monitoring network and the creation of a central system for the detection, control, analysis and simulation of emergency scenarios, thereby allowing the integrated management of alarms. The system will also be dedicated to enhancing personnel training and formative activities and greater coordination between institutional actors through the automation of information processes.

We are very proud to support the National Fire Brigade in its institutional duties of prevention, aid and support to citizens through modern information technology“- declared Dante Altomare, Vice Chairman of Exprivia. “This project enriches our portfolio of offers addressed to Public Administration and is part of Exprivia’s mission to contribute to the digital transformation of national public infrastructures“.

The IT solution proposed to the Fire Brigade Department has a modern graphic interface that will simultaneously display data from sensors and various service providers (such as weather data and detailed maps), generate reports for institutions outside the Department (Ministry of Defence, ARPA, ISPRA, Prefectures, etc.), and be integrated with the alarm dispatching platform that the National Fire Brigade already uses.

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