Direct Routing SBC for Microsoft Teams with Italtel

Italtel provides Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams with its Intelligent Business Communication solution

Microsoft Teams is worldwide market leader for Unified Communication as a Service (UCCaaS). It provides Direct Routing to connect Teams Users to PSTN, the public telephone network, via certified session border controllers (SBC). Italtel supports Direct Routing with its Intelligent Business Communication Solution, including NetMatch-S, Italtel SBC, in both Non-Media and Media Bypass scenarios with Local Media Optimization. During 2023 NetMatch-S has been certified to support Emergency Calls for nomadic users.

Discover the potential of Italtel Solution, certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Italtel Intelligent Business Communication offers a complete solution for the interoperability between the Enterprise and external Domains (Communication Service Providers, Cloud Platforms, Collaborations Platforms) for Voice and Video Services.

We are one of the Microsoft Teams direct routing partners: our Solution, including the Netmatch-S product, Italtel’s SBC, is in fact certified by Microsoft to support Direct Routing and offers PSTN connectivity through the SIP trunking functionality, enabling Teams to be used as an office phone system.
It offers not only PSTN connectivity but also a flexible Service Logic to introduce new services in a multi-domain environment: Call Smart Routing, Call Admission Control, Call Barring, Simultaneous Ringing and other services, setting policies based on user profile and context.
In addition, Itatel Business Communication Solution includes a single customizable dashboard to monitor VoIP, Video and Collaboration infrastructure for a complete overall view and control of the network.

Italtel SBC for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
Why choose Italtel Business Communication Solution?

Security and Confidentiality to ensure SIP trunk connections to Microsoft Teams Customers and network separation, to prevent Denial of Service attacks, providing traffic encryption as well as access control and VoIP firewall

Interoperability to enable a successful integration with already existing UCC platforms or IP-PBX systems in the Customers’ premises. This facilitates interworking also between Teams audio conferencing bridge and public network participants in dial-in (PSTN user joining the Teams audio bridge) and dial-out (Microsoft audio bridge calling PSTN user) scenarios.

Migration Support in case of legacy VoIP systems replacement with a full adoption of Microsoft Teams in Customer environment, leveraging on advanced routing capabilities, parallel ringing and service delivery support

Reliability to provide multiple availability procedures to recover and ensure service continuity, such as geo-redundancy support, high availability software platform, re-routing and load balancing mechanisms, backup and restore, automatic failure recovery.

Service Logic to add, to the interconnection capability, additional services in a multi-domain environment: call smart routing, multi-domain call forking, call admission, location services, setting policies based on the user profile and context.

Flexibility of deployment as a virtualized or cloud-native solution in private (VMware, Openstack) or public (AWS, Azure) cloud environments.

Our Value: Intelligent System Integration and Advanced Professional Services

Italtel is able to be at the customer’s side along the entire path of innovation and digitalization, thanks to its extensive System Integration experience in Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) solutions based on several vendors, including Microsoft and Cisco.

Italtel follows all the deployment and maintenance phases of the new UC&C solution chosen by the customer, from the requirements analysis to the execution and the post-sales support, offering:
Advisory and Engineering.
Implementation: Infrastructure Creation, Deployment services with Business Continuity also during the migration.
Operation and Optimization: Support Services, Incident Management, Monitoring & Alerting, Data Management, Reporting, Advisory Services, Governance and Quality of Experience
Our value is to handle the network complexity providing customized turnkey solutions to our customers.

A solution with solid references
Italtel, starting from the first VoIP projects in the 2000s, has an extensive customer base for its Business Communication Solutions, both for direct Enterprise Market and the indirect market via the Service Providers.
In the first segment, Italtel has handled the Enterprise Network complexity for Voice and Video Services providing a turnkey solution and guiding the enterprise digitalization process.
With Service Providers Italtel has set up and managed a complete multitenancy platform for Interconnection and Service Logic integrated with the Telco Operator Network and the Collaboration Platforms, among them Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing and providing a system to target the Enterprise Market.
Our High Points
• Complete Business Communication Solution for Voice and Video Service Interconnection and Service Logic.
Certified with Microsoft Direct Routing (Media Bypass and Non-Media Bypass)
Certified also with Microsoft Direct Routing with Local Media Optimization
• Interoperability with a full set of IP-PBX/UCC/UCCaaS products (Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, Broadsoft, Alcatel, Genesys, Mitel, Siemens, Asterisk, etc)
• Flexible deployments: Data Center and Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud environments (VMWare, Openstack, AWS, Azure).
• Customized development, reliable integration, engineering and assurance services
• Multi-domain Analytics for monitoring the overall solution both for Enterprise and Service Provider.Italtel is the right choice for Voice and Video Services complemented with Network Design, Migration Services and System Integration.

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