Italtel Signs Up to VOSS Partner Program, to Enhance its Solution Portfolio with UC Management

VOSS Solutions today announced that Italtel, one of EMEA’s largest systems integrators which designs and implements proprietary products and IP communications solutions for a global network of customers, has become the latest company to join the VOSS Partner Program.

VOSS first engaged with Italtel in November 2013, to provide the team with a deeper understanding of Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). VOSS provided Italtel employees with specialist training, empowering the company to rapidly deploy HCS solutions to its far-reaching customer base and oversee migration projects, ensuring that end-customers are seamlessly switched to the new platform. In addition, VOSS was actively involved in setting up the HCS reference platform for Italtel, to use for testing, troubleshooting support issues and customer demonstrations.

Today, Italtel and VOSS formalized their relationship by signing a partner agreement, which empowers Italtel to resell VOSS Unified Communications (UC) management technology to its customers. As the need for a centralized highly automated management platform grows in UC environments, VOSS will work with Italtel to target two key markets.
Firstly, for Italtel’s enterprise customers looking to take their first step into UC and benefit from the value it offers, VOSS and Italtel will offer VOSS-4-UC Greenfield; a next generation communications and collaboration environment. This solution will enable Italtel customers to design, build and deploy a custom UC environment suited to their specific business models.They can then automate the transferring of end-users and associated data, providing a seamless transition to cutting edge communications.

Secondly, Italtel also has a number of enterprise customers with a partially or fully deployed UC infrastructure but with no management layer in place. VOSS and Italtel will offer these customers VOSS-4-UC Overbuild, a solution that effortlessly takes over the existing environment, automatically learns the customer’s business processes and provides a single web-based portal to manage the architecture.

Jim Ortbals, VP Partner Sales at VOSS, commented: “Italtel is an exciting company to work with. clients across the globe, we look forward to unlocking the value of UC for Italtel customers, by introducing UC management. We find that organizations are often at different stages in the adoption lifecycle of UC. The beauty of VOSS is that we can introduce UC management at any stage of that lifecycle, empowering customers to get a handle on operational costs, improve business efficiency and enhance inter-company collaboration.”

Camillo Ascione, Co-Head Network & System Integration Product Unit at Italtel, added: “We are extremely pleased with this new partnership that allows us to complete our catalogue with a product for Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) that addresses the specific needs of both our enterprise and service provider customers alike. VOSS has a solid technological know-how that is complementary to ours and this is an advantage for the delivery of high-performance UC&C solutions. In particular, VOSS technology has an important role both in the Cisco HCS solution, that we support, and in “Collaboration At Work” – our recently launched new solution that allows easy cost-effective enterprise collaboration.”

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