Microsoft workloads on AWS

Microsoft workloads in AWS

Learn about the benefits of migrating your Microsoft system onto AWS

The majority of the world’s company applications run on Windows, with around 82% of these still running on-premises (source: IDC). Italtel uses its team of experts to offer a range of services that enable you to safely create, migrate and run Microsoft applications on Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Italtel and AWS can help you to achieve greater reliability and improved performance, with a wider range of services.

It’s essential that you choose the right infrastructure and cloud tools to ensure optimised performance, boosted storage and heightened security at a lower cost for Microsoft workflows.

Italtel and AWS have all the tools and services necessary to rapidly migrate your Microsoft workflows onto the cloud.


  • EC2 for Microsoft Windows

    IaaS service providing secure, scalable processing capacity on the AWS cloud. Supports Microsoft Windows and SQLServer workloads

  • AWS Managed Microsoft AD

    based on the effective version of Microsoft AD and can be managed via standard AD administration tools

  • FSx for Windows Fileserver

    provides fully managed, highly reliable and scalable file storage and is accessible via the industry-standard SMB protocol

  • RDS SqlServer

    this service simplifies the configuration, functioning and scalability of SQLServer distribution on the cloud. Means SQLServer can be distributed quickly and with reconfigurable processing capacity


AWS is the perfect cloud platform for your Windows applications. You gain access to a wide range of services with advanced functions. You can increase or decrease capacity in the space of a few minutes, rather than hours or days. You have the ability to commission one, hundreds or even thousands of server instances at the same time. And you ensure greater security, quicker performance and increased reliability, thanks to global availability zones and fewer hours of inactivity.


• Extensive experience

• Global coverage and high availability

• Security and compliance

• Focus on client and innovation

• Growth

• Optimised TCO

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