Domenico Favuzzi, CEO of Exprivia, comments on the importance of this first joint international experience of Exprivia-Italtel at MWC. He explains that we want to play a role as protagonists in this phase of profound technological, economic and social transformation and be partners of our customers thanks to strong and integrated telecommunications and IT competences.

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Stefano Pileri, CEO of Italtel, talks about the contribution brought by Italtel to the new group in terms of competences and know how in telecommunication and networking. Networks are undergoing a transformation in a virtualized logic, and are becoming smarter to support new services and applications in 5G logic.

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Luca Ferraris, Head of Strategy, Innovation and Communication in Italtel, comments on the value of the new joint portfolio, expressed in an exemplary way by the concept of 5G: Italtel and Exprivia together convey a winning complementarity of infrastructural know-how and skills in terms of services and applications. Healthcare, smart cities and Industry 4.0 are the areas to which the integration of competences is expressed to its best.

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Giianni Sebastiano, Chief Strategy Officer in Exprivia, illustrates the strategic objectives of the new group Exprivia-Italtel. By exploiting the existing synergies in terms of skills, supply and targeted markets, the new group aims to be at the center of a transformation in which ICT plays an increasingly crucial role in business processes, and to launch an aggressive international growth plan.

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Stefano Boero and Andrea Stella, Senior Technical Marketing Engineers at Italtel, presented the demo about Netwrapper for surveillance safety. The demo shows how – as consequence of service unavailability (e.g. not reachability of device in charge of access authorization) and/or unauthorized access – the triggering of a sequence of actions can secure from potential dangerous situations. In fact, ChatOps enables Control Room Operators to receive events notifications and react immediately. From control room, leveraging Cisco spark, actions can be piloted. Watch the video of the demo (4′ 16″)

Corporate video

An overview by Italtel and Exprivia of the most innovative themes of the Digital Revolution, which is changing business, our lives and the future. We want to catch this wave, together, to put our expertise at your service, and to stay by your side on the journey of Digital Transformation.

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