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Promote internal and external ideas, talent and passion with cooperative innovation processes and agile decision-making models
Develop an ecosystem of relationships and technological synergies as a key asset to foster innovative offerings towards the market


Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution: digitization of the industrial sector. By the usage of ‘cyberphysical’, machine learning, internet of things, the Industry4.0 takes the process of within an industry to the very next step.

Cyber Security

Growing risks such as computer hacking, software piracy, and virus deployment are increasing the demand for cyber securities services. The major drivers also include government regulation on data privacy.

Internet of Things

Connecting the devices at offices, industries & household to the internet, the global Internet of Things market has a vast potential to grow over years and consumers are considering the relevant advantages.


The transition into digital healthcare for management and analysis of patient health, with the benefits in terms of costs and quality and the rising use of mobile and internet, is expected to drive the market growth.


In recent years, it has revolutionized the cybervalute world, but the real opportunity is represented by industrial applications (eg Trade, Logistics, Procurement, Supply Chain, Cloud & IT and Legal).

Customer experience

Quality of experience requires measurement of factors that affects video, voice, web browsing, and gaming. During peak of utilization, congestion can visibly manifest as quality degradation.


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In Italy, we are in MILANO, ROMA and PALERMO

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