Centralized Routing &
Policy Engine

The Centralized Routing & Policy Engine is the control helm of your network


Service Providers and Enterprises, on the path to an all-IP communication, need effective solutions to save time and money.
To reduce time-to-market, by differentiating the services necessary to drive the market, centralized management of the network is essential, to allow the collection and calculation of the required data and the provision of routing and policies as needed.

The brain of next generation IP networks is the Centralized Routing Engine (CRE). Italtel presents its own Centralized Routing & Policy Engine i-RPS: an innovative product entirely developed by Italtel relying on strong knowledge and expertise with a long history behind it.


Italtel’s Centralized Routing and Policy Engine supplies its capabilities to all kinds of networks, providing resource optimization through optimal routing and SLA definition and management.
i-RPS has been designed to compete in the IMS arena. On the other hand it can control the legacy TDM and IP systems, allowing a smooth migration towards a homogeneous full IP solution, 
preserving investments while exploiting the overall potential.

Centralized Signalling and Routing Control (CSRC) enables easy deployment of new services and policies, with strong OpEx reduction and High Scalability due to the centralized policy and routing database.

i-RPS interworks with third party SBCs and Network Elements in order to provide a complete IP Network-To-Network solution.