IMS/NGN Core and Border Suite


Telecommunication Market is nowadays stressed between the aggressive and fast on the market Over The Top players that provides voice, video and data services almost for free bypassing Network and Service Providers and the constantly increasing Customer’s demand for more and more bandwidth to exploit the OTT’s services and apps.
Service Providers needs to re-enforce the strength of their asset, the Network, avoiding to become a dumb pipe providing new services with fast time to market, new Quality of Service and new Quality of Experience and in the meanwhile moving smoothly to a new architecture enabling consolidation; reduction in footprint and consumption; modularity and flexibility to quickly react to market changes; converged capabilities to handle with a Single Core fixed and mobile subscribers, legacy and innovative devices; interconnection with any other external networks and, even, with OTT.
Italtel can guide Service Provider in this evolution thanks to its expertise in network migration and evolution and thanks to the Italtel Multimedia Communication Suite (i-MCS) product line supporting software modularity, Network Function Virtualization and Cloud, LTE and IMS functionalities.


Italtel i-MCS provides within a single product all the capabilities required to handle with a Single Core Architecture LTE/VoLTE and IMS subscribers, legacy POTS and ISDN subscribers, interconnection with PSTN, PLMN and IP-based networks with full signaling interworking as well as media handling thanks to integration with Italtel Netmatch.
Italtel i-MCS exploits software modularity and Network Function Virtualization allowing to be deployed over commercial hardware, data center and even clouds with the best configuration for the Service Provider, from IMS-in-a-box to separated Network Elements for each functionality required.

Italtel i-MCS helps Service Providers in building a Single Core Network for all the different Access and Interconnection with reduced footprint and consumption: Virtualization and Telco over Cloud approach, coupled with deep software modularity allows Service Provider to consolidate and tailor their network reducing CapEx and OpEx and providing foundation for faster and efficient reaction to Market changes and Customer’s requests.