Media Gateways and Border Gateways

Over recent years, in collaboration with Service Providers, many large/medium enterprises have been renewing their infrastructure towards all-IP with the aim of taking advantage of the enhanced features based on Unified Communication solutions. However many TDM devices like small Local Exchange, ISDN PBX, and Fax, are still present in their networks and have to be integrated with the more recent and innovative IP-based platforms, thus saving the investments originally made.

At the same time, the Service Providers/Enterprises who have just renewed their infrastructure want to evolve their Networks to all-IP, thus providing advanced services by preserving initial investments (CapEx). They face the challenge of interconnecting to other operators’ IP networks in a secure and smooth way, and all the typical issues of interworking amongst IP networks of a different nature.

Due to all these reasons, it is necessary to have a family of products which guarantees the initial step of renewal and the further step of all-IP migration, saving CapEx at each stage ensuring the best solution on the market.Italtel’s solution proposal is a proprietary Media Gateway and Signalling Gateway (NetMatch-M) which operate with standard protocols H.248, M3UA, M2UA, IUA and are designed to evolve toward a Border Gateway (NetMatch-B) reusing the same hardware and with a simple SW update.

Furthermore, Italtel, as a Global Solution Integrator, can help to engineer the best solution tailored to customer requirements. Italtel has several years’ experience in building and maintaining Telecommunication solutions for Service Providers, based on best-of-breed technologies (including proprietary products). Italtel’s support services go from advisory to solution design, from engineering, to NOC/SOC managed services.

The system integration on final customers’ premises can be performed both by Italtel and by third-party local integrators.

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