Multi-access Edge Computing Platform

Italtel MEC platform i-MEC brings high value in the network enabling a wide set of services which leverage reduced end-to-end latency (uRLLC, cV2X), pre-processing at the edge (mMTC) and broadband services (eMBB). i-MEC contributes to reduce the traffic load on the backhauling transport network with relevant saving of cost for the Service Operator

Italtel has a deep expertise in designing architectures for the Edge. Our catalogue includes software and platforms, providing E2E “turnkey” solutions.

In particular, to tear down the delay for several mission critical applications managing the user’s mobility and security within the mobile core, Italtel proposes its MEC platform i-MEC (the Italtel MEC) which gathers the different functions of a standard ETSI MEC.

i-MEC, jointly with a 4G and 5G mobile core, enables standard MEC Applications (MEApp) to run at the edge of the network bringing many benefits you cannot appreciate without its related deployment.


i-MEC System supports both the MEC Host and the whole MEC Management framework.

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