Italtel Network Empowerment System


Service Providers and Enterprises need to make recurring investments to manage and operate IP network infrastructures. Continuous cyclic reworks are due to: multi-technology and multi-vendor environments, capacity increase, synchronization of several IP protocols, business critical services SLA compliance, launch of new services, technology updates, policy compliance, transition to new protocols (e.g.: IPv6).

Traditional Network Management Systems can help only partially, because often misaligned: maintenance and troubleshooting tasks still require “device-level” intervention. On the other hand, device-level Operations, often based on do-it-yourself scripting, are time-consuming, technology specific, prone to human errors.
Therefore, to proficiently support the cyclic reworks on IP network infrastructures, tools providing multi-vendor and multi-device Automation Operations are needed.



The deployment of effective tools simplifying network operations activities leads several benefits to Service Providers and Enterprises, in terms of Operating Expenses reduction, internal engineering processes improvement, downtime reduction, technology skill gap reduction.
Leveraging its long-term experience on multi-vendor IP Network Operations, Italtel has developed a tool to ease network manageability, named Italtel Network Empowerment System (iNES).

The tool has been designed, working hand-in-hand with Engineering teams, to improve day-by-day Operations and Maintenance activities on complex, large, multi-vendor IP network infrastructures.
iNES automates manual activities, thus reducing human errors, shrinking costs, increasing reliability and simplicity. iNES effectively improves device manageability in critical management areas (troubleshooting, configuration and analysis/assessment),where the OSS support is often poor.