rethink digital normality

Digital is an extraordinary starting lever in many sectors. We are entering Phase 2, that of resuming activities not only remotely but also progressively in presence


The COVID-19 emergency forced us to rethink the way we work: smart working and remote working have been fully adopted, not only by companies that already used them partially, but also by public and private organizations that up to today they had shown greater resistance to remote work. A probably irreversible paradigm shift has been made, which must now be continued by adopting the correct strategies from the point of view of the organization of activities, work tools and personal safety.

The emergency highlighted how digital technologies are the key factor in improving competitiveness and efficiency. In addressing the restart after the COVID-19 emergency, companies cannot neglect to complete or start their digital transformation journey.

Italtel wants to be by their side, with ICT solutions and services, developed together with selected vendors and partners, such as Cisco and Amazon Web Services. To know the main partnerships you can visit the dedicated section of the site.

Today it is necessary to rethink working life both outside and inside the physical spaces of the office. Technology can offer important support for the protection and management of human and technological resources in the company: from prevention before entering the company perimeter, up to the analysis of people’s behavior within a physical space.

For companies that need to organize the activities of their employees with reduced attendance, respect for social distancing, management of shifts and schedules on one or more offices, we offer solutions that integrate different technological components to address needs such as:

    • the redefinition of spaces within the company dynamically and according to the operational needs of the moment
    • maximum contact limitation thanks to touchless solutions
    • ongoing health security within companies
    • the guarantee of scalability and flexibility in accessing business applications thanks to cloud services.

All of this is completed by design services or improvement of the corporate data network, to support the adoption of agile working practices and the use of cloud applications.


Thanks to digital technologies, today we are ready to face Phase 2 of the COVID-19 emergency: Italtel staff also continue to work in smart working and remote working for the most part and is making all the necessary adjustments for a safe office shoot. For the needs of your business you can contact us here

During the COVID-19 emergency, we worked on many fronts to support our customers in the key sectors of communication and health infrastructures in Italy and abroad.

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