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Telco Operator’s networks have been in a process of profound transformation for a long time, a process called Network Softwarization, aimed at increasing operational efficiency thanks to technological enablers such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Cloud Computing and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).
As such, it’s now necessary to consolidate specific existing skills and develop new ones. In particular, ETSI has recently introduced several advances in the NFV/SDN field as far as standardization is concerned: more complete and stable data models, standard interfaces (REST API) among the various elements of the architecture itself, promotion of events for interoperability testing.
It is, therefore, fundamental that a Communication Service Provider (CSP) stays up to date with these issues in order to distinguish, between the proposals of NFV market players, that enable or engage in contexts governed by recognized standards and that effectively promote open environments from those that exploit partially or fully proprietary mechanisms that instead can lead to new forms of vendor lock-in.


Thanks to its vast technological background and its analysis and research skills, Italtel has long since started a study on NFV standards, to which it participates actively by collaborating with various working groups, and which brought

  • the transformation of its proprietary products in Virtual Network Function (VNF), starting from NetMatch-S, i-RPS and i-MCS
  • the realization of a VNF Manager (VNFM) able to manage not only Italtel branded Virtual Network Functions but also those ones of third parties.
  • The participation in NFV ETSI Plugtests®, events organized by ETSI during which Italtel has the opportunity to check the compliance status of its products with the NFV architecture.

During all these years, we have always worked towards adapting to these standards, and it has allowed us to develop a clear and helpfully discerning vision in situations where the NFV standard is used only as a slogan.Italtel provides the skills acquired in recent years in the adoption of NFV standards and in the design of networks and solutions in the NFV / SDN, and is an expert partner in designing, implementing and consolidating the network transformation path of networks, ensuring that vision of open environment and OPEX reduction that inspires it.



In order to better support Service Providers (and others) during this process of network transformation, Italtel has created a Lab dedicated to NFV/SDN topics in order to offer an essential overview and the technical skills acquired out on the field, making it possible to operate systematically through 4 phases:

  • Analysis and Design: improves the degree of knowledge and confidence regarding these technologies
  • Ecosystem interoperability: testing for integrating proprietary and/or third-party products and solutions into a fully NFV architecture
  • Solution testing: validates complex scenarios that involve the specific life-cycle features of VNFs and the interfaces indicated by the latest standards
  • Implementation: offers support for the implementation of micro-services architecture and for DevOps methodology in development and test environments according to the individual needs of the client.

NFV Lab concentrates skills and experience, which are offered by Italtel to assist Customers in all phases of transformation of their networks to undertake an effective, functional and advantageous Network Transformation.

Italtel is a Vendor and a Solution Manager, which offers VoIP know-how, Network Design, System Integration and Migration services, accompanying Customers in Digital Transformation.

Contact Italtel, you will find a valuable team of experts who will assist you in designing the solution that best suits your needs.

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