Quality of Experience


The focalization on the consumer is leading to evolve from the concept of Quality of Service (QoS) to the wider idea of Quality of Experience (QoE). Perceived QoE is a relevant subject for both Network / IT providers and customers to check that the agreed service level is actually supplied. Two main factors contribute to consolidate user’s opinion regarding the perceived QoE:

  • Quality of User experience, in terms of actual service quality (setup time, available bandwidth, connection quality, etc.);
  • Quality of Customer experience, in terms of administrative interaction with the service provider (helpdesk efficacy, time to solve issues, accuracy of bills, etc.).
In order to improve these factors, the customer’s processes need to be optimized, with meticulous attention to: Traffic and Real-time multimedia Quality, Accounting and Billing, Fraud Management, Denial of Service Prevention, Assurance.


A good QoE level provides a better customer satisfaction, thus reducing the need for Telco Operators to lower prices in order to improve customers retention. As a final result, Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is preserved and churn reduced, avoiding the mere price competition.
Also Enterprises are more and more involved in the QoE subject, in order to keep under control the Service Level Agreements (SLA) underway with the Operators, while ensuring to internal and external stakeholders the best service level.

Italtel provides best-in-class QoE Services leveraging its long-term experience in building real-time multimedia solutions both for Operators and Enterprises. The different parameters, that customers perceive as having a high impact on their Experience, are audited, analyzed and optimized by skilled Italtel consultants.


In order to enhance the QoE, Italtel professional services work on two main areas: QoS and SLA management.
To improve QoS, Italtel can provide a Traffic Quality service dedicated to detect and eliminate critical conditions identifying root causes of traffic disruption (congestions, overload, faults, etc.). Real-time multimedia connections can be as well carefully analyzed, highlighting the interactions between Network Elements. Moreover, since the overwhelming diffusion of IP protocol exposes new IT areas to the typical threats of the Internet world (malware, virus, denial of service events, etc.),Italtel can provide professional services to enforce Security.

In terms of SLA management, Italtel can verify that records intended to feed the Accounting/Billing process are correctly generated and collected. Besides, Italtel can support the realization of an overall Assurance workflow to meet efficiently different customer’s needs.

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