Smart Working with Netwrapper-platform

Smart working is a new organizational model that relates people, spaces and objects to business processes in order to develop agile interactions, fundamental for business development and company profitability.

Netwrapper-Platform is the Italtel solution able to provide specific and customizable tools for the correct adoption of the Smart working model. Interaction between workers and collaborative platforms through artificial intelligence, automated assignment of the workplace, control and optimization of network loads, monitoring of the real use of company resources, access automation, analytics, are some of the services implemented through Netwrapper-Platform.


Italtel provides companies with the right solution to work agile and free from a fixed location.

The main functional aspects of the solution are:

AUTOMATION: automated assignment of the workstation via Netwrapper-Genius, the bot that the worker interacts with to choose the most suitable physical location according to the actual work needs. Automated configuration of the workstation (telephone, IP network …) consistent with the profile of each user. All this ensures that the physical space of companies adapts to the needs of workers and not vice-versa.

OPTIMIZATION of the use of NETWORK resources: the automated assignment of the workstation allows the system to suggest the best position for the worker by correlating the network status and bandwidth requirements.

MEASUREMENT: through the analitycs provided by Netwrapper-Platform, information about the occupation of the company’s physical spaces are available, along with the use of collaboration tools and network resource

Netwrapper-Platform is a solution of the Italtel offer line of Digital workplace.

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