With the Covid-19 health emergency, smart working has become the only viable way for many organizations to keep on carrying out their tasks without physically having everyone in the office. Italtel, which has long been offering digital workplace solutions, of which smart working is a fundamental part, is working on behalf and with Cisco to make the adoption of these tools simple and fast.

The world of work has undergone a profound transformation thanks to digital technologies, ushering in the digital workplace era


Over the course of a few years the very concept of work station has been taking on a new meaning: no longer a physical place, located in a company headquarters, but a different way of carrying out one’s tasks by means of specific hardware and software tools. Mobile devices – including smartphones and tablets – Cloud applications, secure access to company software are the key elements underlying the concept of the digital workplace.

To enable remote working, companies must embrace a transformation in the way work is organized that involves empowering people with respect to tasks and objectives as well as collaboration within the organization.

For their digital workplace, companies can choose between different service models: “on premises”, autonomous and highly customizable services, or “cloud-based” services with an excellent cost-effectiveness ratio. Traditional Telcos can offer Hosted / managed solutions that combine the benefits of Cloud approaches with a service better tailored to customer needs.

Italtel can support companies and Service Providers in defining the best solution for their needs, choosing the right mix between “on premises”, “Cloud” or hybrid solutions, taking advantage of its experience on the themes of Collaboration and Customer Engagement.

Implementing a digital workplace can bring great economic and social benefits to businesses and workers

Investments in the digitalization of workspace can lead to significant business results, both in terms of efficiency (e.g.: reduction of costs for the physical occupation of spaces) and effectiveness (e.g.: better operations among geographically dispersed teams). The obtained advantages can constitute the first form of incentive and financing, thus establishing a virtuous circle.

By adopting smart working solutions, economic and social benefits can be significant for both businesses and employees:

  • for companies, smart working guarantees working continuity, increases productivity and builds an important staff retention and attraction lever;
  • it offers employees the advantages of greater flexibility, an important reduction in travel times and costs and a better work-life balance.

Companies that adopt a Cloud or Hosted collaboration solution can benefit from numerous additional benefits: reduced maintenance and management costs, a constantly updated technology, faster time-to-market, higher levels of performance, security and availability.

By providing a collaboration solution in Cloud or Hosted, a Telco Provider can differentiate itself from competitors thanks to a complete offer, which includes both network connectivity and value-added applications. The implementation of a centralized infrastructure can guarantee significant advantages to the Telco Provider, in terms of economies of scale, fast implementations of new services and easy scalability.

For a company that wishes to adopt digital workplace solutions, Italtel is the ideal partner to identify needs and architectures, to select the most suitable technologies, to install them in the field, to guarantee service operation and optimization over time


In Italtel’s vision, the centralized call handler constitutes the foundation of local architecture, providing advanced voice and collaboration services, starting from video communication. Endpoints can vary from immersive rooms to personal devices, on which to enable mobility services. Instant Messaging is enriched with desktop sharing and file transfer services. A key service is multimedia Web Conferencing in the Cloud, including management of the entire life cycle of the meeting. Real-Time Web communications (based on HTML 5) can allow effective interaction with external stakeholders.

Italtel integrates industry-leading technologies (in addition to proprietary products, the Italtel catalog includes Cisco as its main partner) to guarantee the user a quality end-to-end experience.


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