Cyber Security


191 days is the average time spent before detecting a computer intrusion (Ponemon Institute). This means that your network may have already been compromised at this time and your data breached.

3.62 million dollars is the average cost of a Data Breach (Ponemon Institute), a risk that unites Small and Large Enterprises.

The world is digital and strongly interconnected. The considerable increase in the use of technologies such as Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data increases the perimeter of vulnerabilities, making the risk management process within companies more and more organized. Today the risks deriving from cyber attacks are in third place after natural disasters and extreme weather events (Global Economic Report of the World Economic Forum).

Data breaches, malware, ramsonware, phishing, DDoS, and social engineering are top concerns for most companies. The introduction of the new European legislation, the GDPR, will involve more and more necessary investments in IT security. To counter threats, however, technological solutions by themselves are not enough. It will be necessary to establish an effective security program with the support of specialized partners that bring together skills, processes, and technology that respond to the different types of threats.


  • Italtel can help you in defining and implementing cybersecurity solutions that best suit your business, following you in the evaluation of intervention priorities and offering a wide range of services
  • Our traditional expertise as a system integrator, together with the extensive catalog of services (Advisory and Managed) will allow your company to make swift and tangible progress in the development of a Business-Driven Security strategy
  • The SOC and NOC structures of Italtel are synergistic functions in sharing tools and objectives to ensure network security and availability, offering a service able to meet your needs in flexible scheduling and procedures (Outsourcing, Co-Sourcing..)
  • You can count on the help of a team composed of experienced and highly qualified professionals in the sector, with high skills and certifications on the most advanced technologies and methodologies.


Italtel supports organizations in identifying, designing, implementing, and managing Cyber Security solutions based on an ecosystem of strategic partners and providing high-level professional services.

The Italtel offer is based on three macro areas: Cyber Security Solutions & System Integration, Advisory, and Managed Services.

Cyber Security Solution & System Integration – Italtel, thanks to its proven System Integration capabilities in the most important Information Security and IT areas and its long-time multi-vendor experience working with multiple customers, is able to offer a wide portfolio of customizable solutions that can be integrated within the customer network. Some examples: Secure Data Center, Endpoint Protection, Identity and Access Management, DDoS and Advanced Malware Protection, Software-Defined Network Segmentation, etc.
Advisory services – Among the consultancy services offered by Italtel in the security field, there are activities that help a company to defend itself against threats and to identify weak points in the network in order to prevent cybersecurity threats and protect resources. Some examples: Network and Vulnerability Assessment activities, Penetration Test.
Our portfolio also includes activities that allow organizational policies and procedures to be verified and adjusted in order to fulfill legal obligations (for example, GDPR).
Managed Security Services – These are the services that support companies in Event Monitoring & Maintenance activities through the management of the main SIEM (security information and event management) platforms.
In case of an attack, the presence of a team dedicated to Incident Management allows for rapid identification, mitigation and resolution of IT incidents. Cyber Intelligence services are also available to process information coming from the deep web and OSINT sources.
All these services are provided through Italtel 24x7x365 SOC, ISO/IEC certificate 27001, based in Italy (Milan).

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