Cyber security

Cyber security should be a priority for companies that intend to increase their business through digital transformation. The adoption of new technologies and new working methods must take place by minimizing the risk of cyber attacks, thanks to targeted investments necessary to implement adequate security plans

The constant diffusion of mobile devices and industrial systems interconnected to corporate networks, the acceleration of the process of migration of assets and services to the cloud and the consolidation of a hybrid working model (remote and in presence), are dynamics that involve the increase of surface of cyber attacks, making the risk management process within companies more and more complex.

So, how do we protect ourselves against threats caused by malware, data breaches, ramsonware, phishing, DDoS, social engineering, VoIP telephony fraud?

Technological solutions alone are not enough. An effective security program must be established which knows how to integrate methodological skills with the adoption of adequate standards and the support of specialized partners.

Drawing on the traditional skills of solution provider and technology consultant, Italtel is able to perform a careful assessment of the security status, from the identification of the intervention priorities to the implementation of the solutions, also taking care of the medium-term evolutionary plans, for guarantee always optimal levels of safety.
Italtel’s proposal is completed with tts NOC and SOC, in Italy and in some foreign offices such as Spain and Brazil, which offer a wide range of managed services to ensure the availability and integrity of the Customer network, and their flexibility in terms of schedules. and service methods (On-Site, Remote, Co-Sourcing).



STIR SHAKENEvery day, billions of users around the world are subjected to unwanted, and often malicious, scam calls in the form of a robocall. Regulatory organizations are asking large carriers and telephone providers in a growing number of countries to offer spam blocking apps for customers looking to limit scammers. Thanks to a set of industry rules known as STIR/SHAKEN Telco providers can mitigate spam and block spoofing. For this purpose, Italtel recently implemented a complete and flexible STIR/SHAKEN solution >> Read more
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Italtel’s cybersecurity offer

For a company that wishes to adopt an effective cyber security program, Italtel is the ideal partner for identifying needs and architectures, selecting the most suitable services and technologies to use, ensuring the operation of the service and its adequacy over time

Italtel has defined a Cybersecurity competence center with the ability to provide professional services developed in three areas.

  • Servizi di System Integration: they include all the activities of Technical Advisory, Design, Set up and Tuning to assist and support Customers in the deployment and configuration of the multi-vendor solutions proposed in the catalog and based on the technologies of the best Global Vendors. These services, accompanied by more traditional or full managed support and maintenance models, refer to a wide range of vertical solutions:
    o Network Infrastructure Security
    o IoT/OT security
    o Cloud Security
    o VoIP Security
    o 5G Security
  • Advisory Security services: allow customers to obtain an overall picture of the security status of their network infrastructure, so as to be able to adequately assess the necessary interventions, implementing the appropriate corrective actions in order to strengthen protection and reduce vulnerabilities. These services are divided into:
    o Network Security Assessment and Advisory
    o Vulnerability Assessment
    o Penetration Testing
    o Policy Hardening
    o Threat Intelligence
    o Vulnerability Management
  • Managed Security services: are responsible for monitoring and managing the network and IT security functions, through shared services from operational centers for the network and security (NOC and SOC 24x7x365, ITIL and ISO / IEC 27001 certified):
    o Security Event Correlation Management
    o Reporting
    o Remediation di primo intervento
    o SPOC

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