Hybrid cloud & data center infrastructure

Adopting cloud enables digital transformation of companies and is an opportunity for efficiency and innovation that everyone can take advantage of. Business can gain tangible benefits from it, and organizations are moving their IT workloads outside of the company more and more

Cloud has become pervasive: an opportunity that everyone is considering seizing. For a long time it has been identified primarily as a remote host for IT applications: nowadays companies strategically choose Cloud for the advantages it offers in terms of agility and scalability. Applications are distributed between private and public clouds more and more often. The Data Center concept has evolved toward new hybrid cloud and edge cloud logics (as opposed to a centralized cloud).

A correct adoption process allows companies to prevent security, performance, and process issues, which could jeopardize the success of the migration.

The cloud is a profound transformation process

Italtel and its partners are able to design and implement the best migration strategy for each customer


The topic of hybrid cloud & data center infrastructure affects large telco providers, the public administration and businesses. For everyone cloud migration processes require careful planning, they must be designed according to the type of architecture you want to create. Public and private companies today need a consultative approach to understand their digital maturity.

Numerous skills are required to move to cloud. Italtel can ensure a wide spectrum of expertise and knowledge, starting from a history of native cloud products, DevOps development methods, and proven implementation references in private and cloud-ready environments. To strengthen its expertise in these areas, Italtel has launched a series of collaborations with the main technology providers and vendors, starting from the strategic partnership established with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on public cloud and the long-standing partnership with Cisco on the orchestration of hybrid environments.

Watch this video tutorial that explains how to install Italtel products on AWS Public Cloud. The graphical tool developed by Italtel on a native AWS interface improves the user experience and the manageability >>

Italtel’s hybrid cloud solutions

We adopt a hybrid multi-Cloud strategy that relies on relationships and collaborations with world-class Cloud providers to consolidate our ability to meet market demands


Our hybrid Cloud offer is based on a simple concept: taking customers through the adoption of cloud models that allow secure and centralized management of hybrid environments, benefiting from all the economic and operational advantages of Cloud, while avoiding lock-in at the same time.

Italtel offers hybrid cloud solutions for two main scenarios:

  • embracing multi-cloud, we plan the migration of applications to cloud, ensuring interoperability between public and private Cloud. The Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) guides the functioning of our services
  • re-inventing the data center, we plan the evolution of private data centers in terms of automation and management tools to open up to hybrid cloud environments and smart operations.

Our services to help IT transformation using Hybrid-Multi-Cloud Framework

  • SUCCESS STORY - New data centres for a major Italian PA organisation
  • A global communication platform
    SUCCESS STORY - A global communication platform for Enel

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