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The evolution of modern networks is emphasizing the role of a smart and agile management having the control of the network itself, the enabled services, and the relevant operations and business-related activities. These are historically duties of OSSs and BSSs, but currently the legacy tools are evolving towards more integrated, flexible and feature-rich systems.

Furthermore, the rise of new concepts (for example, Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networking, often coexisting with traditional networks), poses new challenges to a global Service Management activity, which needs to provide an end-to-end view, in order to avoid an inefficient silo-ed process.

Many areas are impacted. First off, the ability to monitor the network resources, and to optimize performances, has long been considered crucial to guarantee the quality of end-user experience, and ultimately to ensure customer satisfaction: it is now required to consider all resources involved with the enabled services.

For any Enterprise Big Data represent a real hidden treasure. But the data are useless, if not combined with a rigorous, scientific approach, able to extract actionable insights, and ultimately value, from the raw informative base.

This is where Data Science and Analytics come into play. The impressive variety of data (structured or unstructured, batch or real-time, punctual or streaming) makes the data ingestion a key point. Base analytics apply statistical methods to establish correlations and generate reports. Data Science goes further, predicting future scenarios, making extensive use of human insights, advanced statistical models and a machine learning iterative approach and prescribing proper actions to take in order to deliver decisions.


The required process of OSS/BSS Transformation, due to the need of dealing with more complex network and service environments, gives as a result a flexible system, able to operate with disparate devices and applications, with the consolidation of the specific management systems (CapEx savings) and the centralization of the information used to make operating decisions (OpEx savings). Better and more efficient operations, a faster deployment of new services, an enhancement of customer experience: all this turns to an immediate competitive advantage.

A well-designed Assurance supports a fast troubleshoot, discovering problems root-cause and reducing service downtime. Proactivity, enabled by systems evolution, can identify possible malfunctions, before they impact on the final usage. The overall applications efficiency and reliability is greatly improved. Finally, the optimization of Quality of Service allows operating costs reduction and effective capacity planning, while field service productivity is improved, with more efficient maintenance and network upgrades schedule.

Any Enterprise may greatly benefit from the ability to extract value from the huge amount of daily available data in order to deliver the business’ needs in a way that protects return on investment.

The general result is a better external and internal customer satisfaction and a deep understanding of the market trends, enabling focused marketing efforts, preventing customer churn, driving design and development of successful services. In many cases, there is also the possibility to monetize the data “treasure”, selling insights.


With its deep experience in deploying networks and services, Italtel can support the customer in making the OSS/BSS systems fully operational, with the ability to cover the whole project lifecycle.

This includes the possibility to integrate, interoperate or replace any existing system, tailoring the Customer’s transformation journey as needed.

Assurance. The solutions proposed by Italtel are all based on a balanced combination of best-of-breed Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (IBM, Oracle, HP, Tibco, and others) or Open Source components, Italtel customized tools and System Integration capabilities.

Few examples of the delivered solutions include: Multi-domain Fault and Performance Management; Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based Mediation functions to improve interoperability between network and OSS/BSS; Quality-of-Experience (QoE) monitoring and control, using Italtel’s agent–based testing platform.

Analytics. Italtel offers an end-to-end personalized approach, being aware that a “one-fits-all” system is not convenient to deal with multifaceted Enterprise contexts.

Italtel has a long-term experience in developing Data Collection and Processing tools, able to interface multiple data sources, greatly variable in structure, volume and speed. The main COTS technologies, including SAS, IBM, Qlik, or Open Source components can be put in place for in-memory handling of large data sets, with complex statistical capabilities. As evolutionary path, Italtel, partnering with Data Scientists, is able to provide an own Data Science managed solution helping companies extract real value from their data lake.

Other OSS and BSS Solutions. Italtel and its partners can meet other key OSS (e.g.: Fulfillment, Workforce Management) and BSS (e.g.: CRM, Billing) transformation needs.

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