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Globalization requires deep changes in the world of work. To allow an increase in competitiveness, the Enterprise must evolve towards greater organizational and logistic flexibility and improve the way it creates awareness and interest about its brand. Technological innovation and its complete control are needed to support this evolution journey.

By deciding to implement a “People Collaboration” strategy, an Enterprise adopts the most advanced tools of communication providing its employees with the opportunity to access business data and applications anytime, anywhere, from any device. Quality of Experience and a new set of innovative services for business-relevant applications can be ensured by means of a better usage of network resources achievable with a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) approach.

Strategic for the Enterprise is deepening the relationship with all its external stakeholders and above all establishing new, high-value customer relationships. The adoption of Smart technologies can help in promoting and modernizing the corporate brand.


Enterprises can choose among different service model for their Collaboration and Customer Engagement services: autonomous and highly personalized “on premises” services or cost effective “Cloud-based” services. Offering hosted/managed solutions is good opportunity for traditional Telcos, as well as for innovative Service Providers, not to be flattened on a pure connectivity offer with decreasing margins and to generate instead additional recurrent revenue streams. Their business customers can take advantage of flexible, pay-as-you-go models, that preserve CapEx.

Leveraging its long-term experience on Collaboration and Customer Engagement solutions, Italtel can either support Enterprises and Service Providers in the definition of the best solution for their needs, choosing the right mix between “on premises”  and “cloud” solutions.


Enterprises’ investments in People Collaboration allow considerable business outcomes, both in terms of efficiency (i.e.: cost reduction) and efficacy (i.e.: additional revenues). The achieved advantages may represent the first form of incentive and financing, thus establishing a virtuous cycle.

Cost rationalization is achieved running voice, data and video communications over an IP converged network, and leveraging the transition of the connection to the public network from TDM to SIP trunk, thus reducing the expenses for interconnection. Integrating mobile devices with the enterprise platform, personal and teams productivity are increased, business processes are streamlined and potential savings on real-estate expenses are enabled. Video communication and multimedia conferencing can help in cutting travel costs, accelerate decision process, enhance teams cohesion and knowledge management. In addition to making an eccellent commissioning of all these services, Italtel is able to ensure complete control of the network resources, to verify their actual use in real time and allow easy and effective access.

Customer Engagement solutions, such as Digital Signage, Contact Center and Remote Expert, improve people satisfaction and loyalty. Through the collection and analysis of user data, Proactive Marketing tools can help in better addressing customer needs.

By supplying hosted/managed Collaboration services, a Service Provider can differentiate from competitors with a comprehensive offer, including both network connectivity and value-added applications. The implementation of a centralized infrastructure can guarantee significant benefits to the Service Provider, in terms of scale economies, new services’ fast deployments, easy scalability.
The Enterprise end customers adopting a hosted/managed solution can benefit of several additional advantages: CapEx to OpEx conversion, maintenance and management cost reduction, always up-to-date technology, faster time-to-market, high performance, security and availability levels.


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For an Enterprise willing to start the journey to Smart Collaboration Italtel is the ideal partner to identify needs, design architectures, select the most appropriate technologies, deploy them in field, ensure service operation and optimization over time (leveraging its managed services).

In Italtel vision, the centralized call handler is likely to be the architecture cornerstone, providing voice and advanced collaboration services, starting from video communication. The endpoints can spread from immersive rooms to personal devices, including client-enabled mobility. Instant Messaging is enriched with desktop sharing and file transfer features. A key service is Web multimedia Conferencing, with meeting lifecycle management. Web Real-Time Communications (based on HTML 5) may enable effective interaction with external stakeholders.

Italtel Digital Signage solution centralizes the management of many heterogeneous devices designed to distribute contents and interact with people. Innovative technologies, like recognition cameras, proximity sensors and a wide range of peripherals, can enhance the solution.

Best-of-breed technologies (besides proprietary products, Italtel catalogue counts Cisco as main partner) are integrated to achieve an end-to-end coherent user experience. Moreover, Italtel has the right competences and proprietary products, Netwrapper, to leverage a Software-defined networking approach to improve applications QoE and to realize a new category of services.

Italtel has a multi-year experience in building and maintaining hosted/managed Business Communication solutions for Service Providers. Italtel can implement the seamless interconnection with the core network (IMS, NGN or PSTN). The system integration on final customers’ premises can be performed either by Italtel or by third-party local integrators. According with the Service Providers strategies, Italtel might propose “white labeling” solutions enabling a shift from CapEx to OpEx.


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