A global communication platform for Enel


Enel, one of the leading global operators in the electricity, gas and integrated services sectors, in order to provide the best possible support for the progressive growth of its business, has undertaken a major project to improve its global voice communication services according to Cloud logic. For this purpose, a dedicated, totally reliable and scalable telecommunications infrastructure was created, which would also guarantee maximum flexibility towards the Telco Service Providers that supply voice communication services in the individual Countries in which the Enel Group operates.

The Cloud Only strategy by Enel entailed a migration of the various applications to the cloud, and for this purpose a centralised SIP platform was necessary to manage international call routing, directing traffic to the operators in the individual Countries and intelligently routing intra-company traffic, guaranteeing coexistence and interworking between the different communication services.


Based on its own technology, Italtel has set up a “star centre" that carries out the intelligent routing of calls and voice traffic to operators. This Global SBC, implemented in cloud logic, consists of a Session Border Controller, a Routing Policy Server and of the related management system.

Italtel’s products and professional services create a cloud-based network infrastructure to concentrate all Enel Group communications worldwide



The solution has been specifically designed and created to evolve communication services in absolute continuity and with minimal impact on Customer’s Operations.

The platform creates a demarcated and protected SIP domain, which simplifies interworking between the company’s various international branch offices and solves the security problems of SIP trunking interconnections to the Telco Service Providers in each Country.

The solution is also a multi-area one, as it achieves interoperability between different communication platforms (Unified Communication, Contact Center, Collaboration) within the company network, guaranteeing less time to market for the introduction of new communication services and increasing the service quality of Enel employees and customers.


Besides supplying its own products, Italtel also served as System Integrator, thanks to the skills of its Engineering Services teams for Network Evolution Development & Delivery, which designed the solution according to the specific requirements and in close collaboration with the Customer. Another key component supplied by Italtel is Managed Service & Smart Operation, which provides value-added support to the customer.

In particular, the Italtel products used in this project include:

NetMatch-S CI: SBC for IP-to-IP interconnection at both user and Network levels



i-RPS: Routing Policy Server to implement service logics and routing functions



i-NEM: monitoring, diagnostic and configuration system to provide real-time status of managed resources in terms of Fault, Performance, Accounting, Inventory and Provisioning.

  • A global communication platform

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