A multi-service network for the city of Palermo


In 2015 the city of Palermo was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the Arab-Norman Circuit. Defined by the intersection of two worlds – the Arab-Muslim world and the Norman-Catholic world -, the circuit comprises nine artistic and monumental sites in a style exclusive to Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù.
Being a multicultural city due to its history and geography, Palermo is promoting a number of initiatives (conferences, festivals, projects) in order to strengthen its position as a land of hospitality and integration.

On the other hand, Palermo is a city looking to the future, and on its way to become a Smart City.

In this context, Palermo’s City Hall, in cooperation with Cisco and with the important contribution of Università di Palermo, is carrying out a project to revolutionize security in the city’s historical center.

Italtel is a partner for developing the project, with the task of speeding up the technological innovation process.

Italtel helps Palermo on its way to become a Smart City


Some recent news reports prompted us to shorten the deadlines for the implementation of this technological innovation and social improvement project, starting with the less secure sections of Palermo's downtown area.
This is a pilot project in Italy, carried out in Palermo thanks to an investment from Cisco, a worldwide networking and IT leader. The Palermo project is part of the Digitaliani program signed by Cisco in 2016 with the Prime Minister's Office; it is being implemented with the help of Italtel and in close cooperation with the City of Palermo, the former municipal SISPI, and Università di Palermo.

This is a security project, developed in collaboration with the Police and with the Order and Security Committee, officially presented on Friday, May 19, 2017 at Casa Professa, with the participation of Italtel CEO Stefano Pileri.

The purpose of this three-stage project is to make Palermo an increasingly smart city by following a twofold path: to equip the Arab-Norman Circuit with surveillance cameras for security aspects; and to provide both citizens and tourists with free Internet access.

About 30 CCTV cameras provide control and security, since May 18, in the Ballarò area from Quattro Canti to the Central Station; the cameras located on Via Maqueda monitor not only the main street but also the surrounding cross streets, where muggings and pickpocketing incidents involving tourists and locals used to be frequent.
The cameras record and stream images in real time to a central system connected to the local police station. The ultra-broadband travels across the old local gas network, now no longer in use. The images are Ultra-HD and can detect people's faces in detail. This means that video footage is not lost even in case of camera damage, since it is not stored inside the equipment but managed via cloud computing. At full operation, there will be 100 active cameras.

In addition to the cameras, the area also offers free Wi-Fi access, with the goal of moving from the current paid network to an optic fiber ring (which will interconnect the municipality's main administrative services) and of expanding the Wi-Fi service to the remaining districts and sports facilities across the city.
This open wireless connection is an increasingly popular service. The current stage has expanded the area covered by this service: from Piazza Marina to Teatro Massimo and Teatro Politeama. The second stage, which will be launched later this summer, will extend CCTV and Wi-Fi coverage from Piazza San Domenico to Piazza Sant’Anna and Galleria d’Arte Moderna. Finally, the project will focus on Via Maqueda's pedestrian area.

Italtel wants to provide the city and the region with its ability to implement innovative projects, in addition to the experience of the Carini IoT Expertise Center, where the technology platform was born and where Italtel creates solutions to make cities and communities more modern, livable and safe.


The project’s technological innovation brings a number of social benefits.

The initial investment in the digitization of the Arab-Norman Circuit sets up the perfect infrastructure to develop digital services in partnership with citizens and companies, thereby stimulating the emergence of private initiatives in the field of mobile applications: in fact, once we conclude the implementation of these digital platforms, we will promote stimulus initiatives across the region to develop and test our new Smart services in urban areas, creating an actual open-air laboratory.

On the other hand, CCTV will help us reduce crime rates in the “lower” section of Via Maqueda, including drug dealing, robberies, muggings and pickpocketing.


Italtel’s strong connection with Palermo is the result of a long-standing presence in the region, represented by the Carini production hub (Palermo province), which now houses an Internet of Things Expertise Center, fostering an ongoing collaboration with local universities and institutions.

Italtel is successfully contributing to the city’s digitization project, also thanks to similar experiences such as – on a much larger scale – on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015, when a smart city with next-generation infrastructure was built on site.

Italtel has been involved in several PON (National Operational Plan) development projects, and has worked with the Public Administration on several occasions.
Italtel has been long working with Cisco to develop solutions that impact the country’s digital transformation process in key sectors such as Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Smart Cities.

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