A tailored maintenance contract


A company in the Automation & Energy industry needed to handle a complicated period of transition. In fact, after having migrated all of its Italian infrastructure to VoIP, the italian branch of the company can not update the CUCM version, now out of support, waiting for its next UC&C technology to be defined by its headquarter.
The challenge for Italtel was to take over a competitor in the management of a tailored maintenance contract.


Italtel designed a customized maintenance contract together with the customer, able to respond to the need to have a solution with a guaranteed level of service, even if all the architecture is completely out of support both for Cisco products and for the components of other technologies.

Italtel defined the critical areas for which, with the support of engineering, technical assistance departments and suppliers, a procedure has been prepared to guarantee the restoration of the service even in the event of complete data loss on the servers.

At the same time, Italtel had to provide the company with the motivations to change the reference system integrator to support this complicated architecture.

Our experience, the value demonstrated over the years in every new project realized for the company and the ability to provide timely answers to its complex needs were decisive and allowed us to take over the competitor.


guarantee of continuity of the telephone service even in the face of software releases and hardware components that are not supported by the vendors
possibility to make the technological choice, for the next few years, in 2018 without having to face rapid and risky migrations in the first months of the current year
quick intervention capacity, organization, preparation and management of complex architectures in short times

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