Bridge stability monitoring service


bridge safety structural monitoringMonitoring the stability of the bridge structure is a prerequisite for road transport.In order to prevent the risk of risk on the part of the person, the manager of a high-speed road in Sicily has decided to carry out with Italtel the project of a monitoring system for the stability of a bridge with the pillars in the bed of a river.

The erosive action and the deposit of debris carried by the current of rivers is an important cause of the state of risk for the stability of bridges. For this reason, the continuous verification of the functionality is necessary for the timely execution of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities.


Italtel provided the Road Manager with a bridge stability monitoring service.
The technical solution is composed by:
local sensors (inclinometers and accelerometers installed on bridge pillars)
local servers to collect and transfer data
centralized Cloud platform to implement monitoring logics (including alarm management) and data storage.
Real-time insight on bridge stability
enabling potential fast and focused interventions
critical events prevention (traffic lights can be remotely driven to control the access to the bridge).
Italtel provided the proprietary Smart Metering Service Center (i-SMSC), enabling the data collection and archiving, the relevant reporting, the measurement web access. In addition, Italtel provided the overall system management service.

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