Deployable Data Centers for NATO


New highly portable tactical systems satisfy the growing strategic need, common to all North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member countries. In fact, current complex operational scenarios require armed forces to rapidly demonstrate deployment capabilities, for both conflict needs and peace support operations.

In order to respond to this need, NATO has developed an action plan, named “Readiness Action Plan” (RAP) and the Italian Army has fully understood the importance of its fulfillment.TELEDIFE (the Italian Defence Telecommunication Procurement Directorate) delegated the development of the technical specification to the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) due to its knowledge and previous experience of current systems in place.

Italtel has built and deployed two transportable Data Centers


Under the framework of the RAP, the NCIA has launched an international call for tenders for the supply of transportable tactical systems required for Communication and Information System (CIS) and data management (Command and Control).
More than 250 companies belonging to the 28 member countries of the Alliance were notified about the tender for the project.

As a result of its competitive costs and compliance with the requirements of the tender, Italtel was chosen to build the two transportable data centers, destined to be used by “NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Italy” (NRDC-ITA) in various overseas locations where allied forces are deployed.

The importance of being awarded this tender is evident when considering the complexity of the technical specification in the CIS and data management categories.

This achievement recognizes Italtel’s constant hard work over the last two years, through a continuous strengthening of the relationship between various divisions within the Italian Armed Forces and NATO" said Italtel’s CEO Stefano Pileri "Italtel has built a complex and delicate dialogue with a select number of Italian and international suppliers, who have assisted us in creating the winning solution for our project. Italtel has achieved a prestigious result for Italy and has now been placed at the center of a comprehensive network of national and international relations

The transportable data centers, realized and provided by Italtel with Cisco and EMC2 technologies, have been used for the first time during NATO training exercise, named “Summer Tempest – Eagle Meteor 2016” in autumn 2016.
The exercise was managed by the NRDC-ITA, stationed in Solbiate Olona, near Varese (Northern Italy). The exercise brought together several armies from member countries of the Atlantic Alliance.


NRDC-ITA in Solbiate Olona has recently achieved NATO certification as a land-heavy Joint Task Force (JTF) Headquarters, which involves leading NATO joint operations within NATO Areas of Responsibility, often performed out of the national borders.
In addition, the Long Term Rotation Plan (LTRP) foresees that in 2018 the NRDC-ITA will cover the role of Land Component Command (LCC), which is the terrestrial component of the new “enhanced” NATO Response Force (eNRF), an “advanced” swift response military tool that, thanks to its speed of intervention and deployable operational capabilities, will allow the Alliance to immediately cope with any threat on behalf of the Collective Defense particularly in response to any attack, within very short deployment times.
As part of eNRF, NRDC-ITA will maintain command and control of the terrestrial part of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), ensuring that NATO will be the first to react to any possible threat, instantly, thanks to the ability to deploy the entire military apparatus between 5 and 15 days from the issue of order.
Consequently, NRDC-ITA has decided to align the communication infrastructure and information processing (CIS infrastructure) with the requirements for its role.
The high technological density of commands means increasingly sophisticated tools are needed to generate operational products and ensure commanders have adequate decision capacity.
The ICT infrastructures is mainly based on satellite transport networks with limited bandwidth but designed to deploy IT services at the highest level. In this sophisticated ICT architecture context, interoperability is essential.
To meet the requirements, Italtel has made accurate dimensional analysis (weight and volume), performance and absorption, and has selected the best available technologies, choosing Cisco and EMC2. These solutions were chosen because they provide high performance while ensuring maximum flexibility and scalability to protect investments.

In order to verify the ability of NRDC-ITA as LCC in the planning and conduct of high-intensity operations, the exercise “Summer Tempest – Eagle Meteor 2016” has recently been implemented in the current training of the Armed Forces.
The exercise was that the ICT tools had to be used across a difficult and varied territory, including mountain environment, hilly terrain, and flat and swampy ground.
NRDC-ITA has actually deployed 4 brigades at sites in Solbiate Olona, Teulada (Sardinia), Piazza Armerina (Sicily) and Bousson (near Turin), all in Italy. The aim was to allow that the exercise was done with the real employment on the ground of the operating unit, seamlessly integrating its systems with theirs and enabling full ICT support.
During the exercise, NRDC-ITA has maintained an intense connection to the excellence of the Armed Forces units, such as the Command of Artillery, Brigade “Aosta”, Brigade “Taurinense” and the Brigade “Ariete”, deployed at the shooting range Capo Teulada, Sardinia.
Communications and the flow of information for the maintenance of the Command and Control capability of the NATO Rapid Reaction Corps is ensured by the 1st Signal Regiment in Milan, according to the latest technical standards.
Stefano Pileri said “The new ICT systems we provided to NRDC – ITA are proving to be perfectly suited for the organization’s operations and the needs of each unit deployed on ground. All of this technological capability is thanks to the large computing power made available by the new data center we provided and our integration capabilities”.


Again, Italtel has shown that it can manage complex projects with strategic importance; thanks to the alliance with its partners, Italtel is a privileged partner for all customers who wish to evolve its technology infrastructure to the next generation data centers.

This prestigious result, first in NATO Community, has placed Italtel at the center of a multifaceted network of national and international relations.

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