On the 26th and the 27th of May 2017 Taormina was “at the center of the world” by hosting the 43rd G7 Summit under the Italian Presidency.
About 2,000 delegates and over 2,000 accredited journalists from around the world were foreseen: these figures underline the importance of this event, which has put our country into the international spotlight.

The realization of such a complex event was entrusted to a temporary group of companies headed by a historic leader of great events, EGA Worldwide, which has been credited with important achievements in sports, politics and culture, alongside two other large companies, Studio 80 Group and Volume.
The technological challenge was to transform Taormina into a smart and interconnected city, so it would be able to support the big number of events and allow operators and delegates of the participating countries to communicate safely and effectively.
Solely for the Media, an International Media Center with more than 1,200 equipped workstations and an open space to accommodate more than 2,500 journalists at the same time was realized to house the Delegations’ Press Briefing Room.
For Broadcasters and Radios an International Broadcasting Center was built which hosted over 40 National and International TV and Radio Stations. It was organized with a number of facilities ranging from stand-up working stations, booths, open spaces to the satellite farm from which more than 3 days of live television were broadcast.
Besides the locations’ organization, EGA was looking for a reliable partner with proven expertise for the crucial job of the wired and wireless connectivity service throughout the event.
With the experience earned working alongside Cisco in order to realize the project EXPO Milano 2015, which had been extremely challenging in terms of technical complexity and tightness of the deadline, Italtel offered to realize such a greatly important project.
The world's eyes were on Taormina. Making mistakes was not an option.
The ability to operate very quickly
Technological Competence
Availability and determination

In three weeks: 12 wired sites, 40km of fiber and copper, and nearly 400 access points were installed.


In less than 30 days since the acceptance of the offer, so within very strict deadlines, a monumental undertaking has been brought to a successful conclusion, in part thanks to a team of highly skilled and resolute Italtel technicians.
To define and organize the project, the Italtel team performed a pre-survey in Taormina, evaluated the materials available in the warehouses, backed the WiFi Planner Radio to calculate the required distribution based on the maps of the areas to cover, defined the schedule of the activities, and identified how much technical staff would be needed to cover 24 hours in shifts.
The network architecture included, among others, prestigious sites such as the Hilton Hotel, the Capo Taormina Hotel, San Domenico Hotel and the Greek Theater, Congress Palace and the free Wi-Fi island of Piazza IX Aprile, part of the Taormina Smart project.
Anti-intrusion Wi-Fi configurations: Client isolation, Rogue AP detection
Management plane security
Network Telemetry
Layer 2/Switch Security Attacks and Mitigation


With this effort, Italtel’s leadership as a company in the implementation of complex projects of infrastructure coverage for big events was confirmed.
At the end of the G7, Italtel has received admiration and esteem and has been complimented not only by the customer, EGA Worldwide, but also by several institutions involved in the project.


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