Green Data Center for the University of Pisa


The University of Pisa is one of the oldest universities in Italy and Europe and is the only European university to be part of the Universities Research Association, one of the world’s most prestigious university consortia. The University drives development at the local level and pays great attention to the challenge of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

In February 2016, the University launched an open procedure for the ‘delivery and installation of a Green University Data Center’ with the goal of supporting teaching and research related activities in all University facilities. A Temporary Business Group (RTI), led by Italtel along with Westsystems and Webkorner, won the contract.

It was already in October 2016, that the new Green Data Center was launched.


Italtel supplies and installs a green University Data Center


A more powerful technological infrastructure, economic savings, spatial optimization, and reduction of environmental impact are the main benefits for the University of Pisa resulting from the launch of the new Green Data Center created with Italtel. The installation was performed with a best-of-breed selection of technologies (rack, air conditioning, uninterruptible power supplies...).

These ensure its high quality and efficiency and set up the solution to improve the average annual pPUE (partial Power Usage Effectiveness) of the ICT room. pPUE is the objective parameter that indicates how green the Data Center is (the lower it is, the greener the DC is), and was, in this case, scored at 1.17, which is far better than the 1.3 required in the specifications.

Italtel has proven its ability to intervene quickly and meet the deadlines. This project’ implementation times were particularly short (February 2016 to October 2016), especially considering the property’s special location in an area with significant landscape constraints. These conditions required on the existing building to make the site.


In an area of only 250 square meters, the new Telco and IT space houses the technological infrastructure required to support teaching and research related activities at various University facilities.
With special attention given to the conversation of space and consumption, the area was fitted with modular islands with rack cabinets.

RTI prepared the site to host the Green Data Center by designing, selecting technologies, and also cooperating during the construction work.

With its long-established expertise in Data Center solutions, Italtel helped make the site suitable, by providing it with technological equipment:

  • Structural: a Raised technical floor with self-supporting panels, false ceilings, ducts, wiring, and piping.
  • Cooling and Power Supply: air conditioning and water cooling units. Additionally, electrical units (supply, distribution boards, UPS, i.e. Uninterruptible Power Supply) that were sized according to their loads in order to optimize efficiency, were connected to the monitoring and management system, with which they exchange information, and can be remotely controlled, through the network
  • Sensors: sensors for electrical parameters and temperature, as well as flood and smoke detection systems. These are connected to the network and communicate in real time with the monitoring and management system,
  • a platform for real-time infrastructure optimization to ensure continuity in the delivery of services.

Italtel also performs management and maintenance activities through highly specialized technical personnel.


The Green Data Center was designed to allow further expansions at sustainable costs. In the future, the ICT Room (Telco and IT area) may be expanded with additional modular islands, which are complete and assembled like the ones already existing. Additional potential may emerge from the ability to provide resources for other institutions or authorities, making this infrastructure unique in the territory.

For Italtel, the University of Pisa’s Green Data Center project was a valuable opportunity to consolidate and intensify its relations with the academic world. In fact, relations and partnerships with Universities and Research Centers – as well as with startups and spin-offs – are increasingly important to Italtel in order to support its ability to drive research and innovation and, consequently, its ability to progress as an enterprise in a rapidly evolving field, such as ICT.

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