High level of reliability for CNAO’s communications


CNAO is the National Center of Oncological Hadrontherapy for the treatment of tumors with protons and carbon ions, a private non-profit foundation established by the Ministry of Health in 2001 with headquarters in Pavia, which is the only center in Italy for this type of treatment.

CNAO’s High Technology consists of a particle accelerator and particle beam transport lines. CNAO represents a model that many are inspired by and there are various requests from different parts of the world for the construction of centers with the same characteristics.

Due to the very sensitive type of care it provides, the CNAO Foundation needs to guarantee a high level of reliability for its communications. For this purpose, it relied on Italtel for updating and maintaining the network and phone services which the entire Foundation depends on for its communication infrastructure.


Even before this project, the CNAO Foundation turned to Italtel for the purchase, installation and configuration of a Call Manager Switchboard, for which it has recently requested maintenance service, along with that for network devices (Cisco Catalyst).

In short, Italtel supported the CNAO Foundation with:

More in details:

on-site testing with a sample of phones for the selection of compatible models


maintaining the switchboard and network equipment, with these professional services, provided for on compliance with the agreed SLAs:


– ticket opening upon request to the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) through a telephone number and/or via dedicated website (ICP – Italtel Customer Portal)

– integrated Help Desk with TAC 2 technicians who can immediately start working on solving the problem and possibly open a Cisco or Imagicle case (TAC 3)

– fixing the problem by on-site intervention (TAC 1), possibly by replacing the faulty parts.

– restoring the service to its pre-malfunction state

– patching/upgrading/updating the maintained SW to any new release

remote engineering support for configuring telephones on the switchboard



installation of an automatic answering machine, with a reconfiguration of the whole Interactive voice response (IVR) structure


supplying 80 telephones and cordless phones for employees and medical personnel.


The CNAO Foundation’s IT team – a strategic area for the efficient operation of the entire structure, as it handles all the IT assistance for the Foundation staff – appreciated Italtel in particular for its availability, readiness, expertise, flexibility in the contract management and for the remote support of the technical staff of the structure.

In the picture the IT group of Fondazione CNAO (Fabio Bezzecchi, Danilo Sora and the manager Marco Russo), together with Elvira Cherchi, account at italtel.

Italtel has also demonstrated its ability to find high quality solutions even with a limited budget; for example, the company was responsible for providing the voice of the IVR.


The Foundation’s IT manager, Marco Russo, said about Italtel: “We have a growing need for competent partners able to provide professional, high-level services that can lighten our burden by taking care of a series of activities that otherwise we would not have the time to manage. Because of this, among other considerations, Italtel completely meets our needs“.

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